🛍️ Online Shopping with Steem Tokens! 💸

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Hey guys! I wanted to share with you how you can now shop for items with your Steem tokens!
Check out this online store called https://www.price-breaker.com/
They use @coinpayments.net to allow you to purchuse with your Steem.

Check out my video to see how it works.
This is very exciting because now merchants can easily except Steem!
Go buy something cool with your earned Steem 🤑🤙

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Hell yea!!

That is right man!
You going to start a store that excepts steem? I know you got some cool photography and prints you could sell! ;)

Hey that's an idea!

First video I've watched on D-Tube. Great vid!

Awesome. Thanks for watching.
Welcome to dtube.

@acromott, This is really cool and you've said absolutely right, we are waiting for times like these where we can Transact and Purchase products by our Steem. This Tutorial is really appreciated. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Thanks for checking out my video :)

Welcome and have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

Hey Brother @acromott. WoW... There is a lot of nice things on that website. Thank You for sharing it again and thank you to @theycallmedan for spreading the word about it. #steem to the Moon... May both of You Always Live in the Abundance of Peace, Blessings and Love.

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Thanks for stopping by my friend!
I am super excited about new things to come on Steem :)

This is cool, I'm new to steam so it's cool to see all the sites connected to dtube.

welcome to dtube

Doesn’t seem to work in this part of the world (Germany) 🤔There’s no “Crypto-Button” (as payment option)😕

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ah! That is a bummer...

Nice idea to let steem more popular

very good !

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Wow thats really amazing to the business world and trying to make ends meet. nice video

I would like to pay at the store with an upvote in the future.

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