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RE: Video The spectacular steemit workshop in Aceh

in #dtube5 years ago

Good job man, i resteeed, and upvoted, I can tell you guys are seriously working hard and doing all the right steps

You have to now work even HARDER man you HAVE top get all of indonesia on steem before the Americans come on and buy up all the steempower :D it is that simple! Are you going to let some spoiled American children take all your extra steempower so they can buy their new ferrari or will you teach the poor people who need a Job to get that steem instead! Otherwise it will just be people who already have money getting on steem, when you need to get all your people in need to get on steem instead!

This is a race! And when all of indonesia remembers people like me who resteemed your post, lol maybe Ill get some upvotes from you guys, :D

Imagine 100 Million Indonesians all giving even 1 penny upvotes, that's 1 million dollars per post, LOL


@ackza Thanks for you, We will always do sttemit promotion at every opportunity, of course we also have limitations. We hope there will be more people investing in steemit.

Help from you is very hopefully we can work together to develop and help the poor in Aceh, Indonesia

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