[Acid Plays] Preview on my next game - Black Desert

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Thought I'd dive back into some MMORPG's again and always wanted to try out Black Desert.

I managed to get to level 12 while thinking I was recording it, but turns out the shortkeys had not worked when in game so I had to manually press to record this preview.

A very beautiful looking game and will try to get some more gameplay footage out very soon. Might wait for the new PC to arrive before continuing it since it was lagging quite a bit even though I'm recording it into 720p.

Let me know what you think of this game and if you've played it!

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Black Desert was fun for a few months. I was there at launch and come back every few months, but there are certain things that I wasnt a huge fan of. The game is supposed to be an mmo but the market is extremely constricted,sets price ceilings and floors on goods and doesnt allow you to trade most items. The whole point of an mmo gets stripped away at that point for me.

I was mindblown when I first started playing. The combat, the attention to detail, the music... it was such a cool game. I continued getting mindblown when I discovered sea hunting (with huge amounts of people) among other things. I eventually got bored because of the grind for money. Maybe MMORPGs aren't really the type of game for me.

Acid destroying everything that comes in his way :D even the poor dog :( it looks like she’s like a devil or something with that black stuff coming out of her when she runs . This game sort of reminds me of final fantasy

I don't know if its the time of year or what, but everyone seems to be going back to the good ole MMORPGs really recently. Including myself... lol Just this month alone, I've been playing Lineage 2 and Diablo 3 like non-stop. This Black Desert game looks dope, the graphics look killer!

Yeah even though I only had graphics on medium, was really surprised by it!

Oh man, I haven't played Diablo 3 since the first expansion, maybe time to give it a go soon again! :D

Dude, Get Diablo!! We should totally play together, I was thinking about streaming some games and posting em' on here.

It reminds me a lot of Netherwinter and Skyrim, in terms of your gameplay

Ohhh, I used the trial sometime ago and I really enjoyed it but wasn't able to get the full game.

MMORPG's always just seem too overwhelming to get into, I'd love to start playing one again but the time required to learn all the dynamics is just too much

This one had some nice tutorials, I'll create a new character next time I record it so you can check em out!

@acidyo This is a great looking game! Is that really 720p??? Impressive!

I 've never played this thing man! Thanks for the heads up, just found out the first thing I'm buying myself for 2018! Cheers!

Black Desert is very interesting to play video game when you shared from this post trail @acidyo. You're great leader here with kill another part of enemies. Refer to play in next year 2018. I'd like black desert more than others games before you posted. Nice interface here.

After 3 months of inactivity and actively returning into the game (with more content opened - Valencia) I have to say that downsides for me are "MMO Asian Style RNG" and "Impact of Equipment"...
I mean skill still plays a big role in means, but i guess over time i became highly critical against games with lots of Grinding and Equipment gap...

If there was a game like BDO, that would be almost only skill-based - i'd call it the best game out there...

The game looks interesting. Let us know the full review once you have play enough.

Awesome post man!

Oh the Pearl Store ripped BDO. In the end game, it's a convoluted P2W game. Just a word of advice. ;)

If you liked Diablo series (ARPG), might i offer you to try Path of Exile. No imba cash shop items, only cosmetic stuff and stash tabs. All pure theorycrafting on your skill and gear.

And i also tried this day MU LEGEND, awesome graphics and impeccable voice acting. Only level 25 but loving it.

Happy holidays to you @acidyo! :)

The game looks cool. I wish I had specs to play those, :P Have good time playing.

I find that the games icons are confusing and cheesy voice overs are embarrassing to listen to. I get the sense of an inferior product as there doesn't seem to be much player cooperation in the game and everything is much too easy to kill. Leveling up was so quick and then there was nothing to do except pvp. I find the character graphics as good as they say but the world is blurry in the distance and the pop in on all settings is really bad. It's like a really broken version of the Arcania Gothic 4 graphics engine but ends up looking less attractive as a result. I think the steady solid graphics of Rift and Wow are more appealing. All the icons and wibbly screen effects in this confuse the eyes. For 4k gamers in particular the game only runs in 24 frames per second when you choose 4k.

Beautiful graphics, amazing combat, lively world, and plenty of skills to level.

I had a blast leveling to 50 back when it released. What killed me on it was that once I reached 50, I still felt like I'd have to sink hundreds of hours into it just to catch up/keep up with all of the other players to even be viable in PVP. I personally love PVP whether it's open world, arenas, BGs, etc. and you definitely have to grind a lotttt to be viable in PVP. That is what made me stop playing. Although I've considered giving it another try. I may give ESO a try though as I should be able to jump into PVP much easier.

As someone who owns a gaming Youtube channel. It happened me a lot - I thought I recorded while I actually didn't. don't feel bad about it, it happens.

looks like an interesting game. thanks for sharing!

Black Desert Online is enjoyable if you like pvp or running goods between cities for profit. But the games pros are outweighed by its cons.


  • An amazing parkour system where you can climb over any wall and onto roofs etc.
  • The game looks great and has good optimization
  • The autorun feature means you can set a destination to a quest or location and just hit your run key
  • The lack of fast travel gives the game a more life like feel to it. Combined with a trading system that has you running goods between cities.


  • THE ENERGY SYSTEM. Everything you do requires energy, if you cut down 10 trees you then have to wait HALF AN HOUR to cut down another 10.
  • The voice acting is atrocious
  • Such little effort has gone into the quest text and dialogue, combined with how fast you level it might as well not exist
  • The ludicrous cost of cash shop items. An outfit will cost the same amount as the game itself. Your auto loot function costs $10. And the dye system is a joke.
  • Daum's business practises. The way they interact with the community, the prices they put on items and the fact they had you waive your rights to a refund if you pre-ordered the game all ties into the fact that Daum can not be trusted. I really would not be surprised if they made the game free to play 6 months later.

You will get enough fun out of $30 if you can ignore the cons just don't support bad business practises; don't buy cash shop items

I want to try playing this game..
I think.. This very good game.

I'm not a game lover, so far I'm not really interested in trying any game, maybe the limitations of time that make me deny the pleasure of the game that so much on offer.
But seeing your excitement in a game of joy has made my animo grow to try some games, start with a light games course.

A really lovely and addictive game I must say. For me, it's Not for people who like to give up, Who dont enjoy spending 100 hours perfecting your play to the utmost and making a name for yourself in a game that has no limit. You will never forget the days u see your first ents walking through the forest. Or the first time u hammer on a cyclops in a far of forest. The first time u succeed in building a fishing boat and go on the hunt for whales or just see the sun rise above the islands. Cant praise this game enough but its not for people who dont like the grind. This is for people who like to work for their stuff and wait for that feeling when u finnally get that +15 upgrade on your weapon


Wow. Glad you have played it.
7 days of hardcore playtime, streamed the entire play-through. Reached lv56, acquired awakening, built a boat, hunted whales, got shot at by pirates and killed a desert dragon. Good times.

However, for most positive points the game has, there is generally a negative attached directly.

*Combat is potentially the deepest in any game ever with 3D positioning, combos, and pseudo physics based interactions. However, it is too unclean; hard to actually see what is happening on screen beyond the static of insane effects. The latency too, as you would expect in an MMO, will kill you. Especially in mob PvP which is supposed to be a highlight of the game.

*Monsters are deeply interesting overall, not Darksoulsian, but almost. Add in their numbers and sizes, and this game had true potential but tragically PvE, all the way up is absolutely a breeze.

*Node Management + Worker system is engrossing but actually not as deep as it first looks on the surface. There are very obvious spots you pick to make money regardless of what your expertise might be in. There is still some creativity, especially with the map expanding the way it is, but I think we are at least 1 more expansion away before it gets really fun. I think adding in a few more worker types / resources could be good instead of just making the map overall bigger, add more layers to what exists already.

*RNG. There is actual fun to be had with playing the RNG game, failstacks and all that good jazz, but this game has a huge RNG wall that is NOT fun once you hit it and incentives the cash shop hard.

*Cash shop is expensive and not consumer friendly but luckily it isn't as bad as some games. P2W? Depends on your mindset/win condition. I think most people agree it is either microscopically pay to win or not at all.

*The world lore is great, the tutorial / intro story is cheesy and badly acted / animated. It doesn't really teach the player very well either.

*The games races and characters look very good, but overall class uniquity isn't as great as it might seem from their promo videos. They have differences for sure, but many other MMO have more varying classes and roles.

*PvP has potential to be my favorite game of all time on paper but it completely fails in execution. It devolves down to getting insta gibbed or flailing around desperately. I'm Masters in Overwatch, play arena shooters, MOBA and love battleground type games from For Honor to MMO games like this but honestly if I first played the PvP side of BDO first, I wouldn't have ever considered doing a full review. Many people will sell the game on its PvP, but I am not one of those people. It is simply too laggy. I heard they are working to optimize the game further which is needed greatly for aesthetics and gameplay, but I also want an update to promote 1v1 pvp.

Thank you for sharing.
In short, game is good, perfect no. details:
Have played this game enough and feel i can make now a review at its current state (node wars). In short:
-Character customization in character creation, best i ve seen so far.
-Interesting classes.
-Great combat, one of the best in mmos.
-Great looking world, even with average pc, that feels "real".
-Tons of things to do besides combat ie crafting, fishing, horse breeding, sailing, farming, exploring etc
-Fun group PvP in Node/Castle Wars.
-Animations in/out of combat look realistic.
-Community on average is bad, there are of course good people, have to try harder than other mmos to find them.
-RNG ie items have a random factor on how they improve. See below
-Grind, lots and lots of it at higher levels and in order to get better items, As i said in pros combat is great and enjoyable but even that has its limits. All mmos have grind of course, this one has some extra.
-In game learning curve. Game has a ton of concepts and does a bad job explaining them or smoothly implementing them. Google will be your best friend. Felt completely overwhelmed in the beginning, still do many times.
-While you can customize your character enormously, you dont have many choices in outfits, most are in, see next
-Cash shop. Not really pay to win (have seen much worse in b2p/f2p games) but still has a lot of items that make life much much easier and help lots in grinding. Pets are cash shop only and must have, not that expensive tho. Outfits on the other hand are only a handful/average looking in game and lots/expensive/great looking in cash shop. So much for customization, most ppl look almost alike in game.
Mixed impressions
-Gender locked classes, personally i dont care.
-Open world pvp (after lvl 45) . Happens, especially when guilds are at war. If you re afraid of random ganking, it is very rare unless you want to grind in highly contested areas. Even so its not that common. After all you might win, lvls arent that different, or your guild might declare war vs those who won you and help you. Even if killed in pvp -if others attack first- you loose no exp or armor damage, just your pride is hurt!
Verdict (again)
As i said in the beginning, game is mostly good and improving. Lots and lots of expansions so far at no extra cost. Highly recommended to try it, but be warned that it is not for everyone's taste. Some will really love it tho. Thank you for sharing

Nice game. Really fun. I'm always dubious of new MMO's especially eastern developed regardless of western conversion however out of 17 years of playing MMO this one really shines and is refreshing. If anyone is sceptical then try and source a 7 day pass and make your own mind up. The only 2 gripes are the acting and cut scenes are a little rough around the edges on the and the main screen UI needs to some TLC which I guess could be reworked hopefully sometime soon. I score this MMO a 9.6 because it's simply fantastic.

i had play just for one our in my friends' house .. it's very amazing game and i which play it more

Corrosive pulverizing everything that comes in his direction :D even the poor canine :( it would seem that she resembles a fallen angel or something with that dark stuff leaving her when she runs . This diversion kind of helps me to remember last dream

Upvoted and resteemed

It reminds me a lot of Netherwinter and Skyrim, in terms of your gameplay

The game has a brilliant character creation system, by far the greatest i've ever used, to the point i spent hours in it. The graphics are nice and controls fairly easy to get the hand of. Unfortunately, in it's current state the game is in a bit of a mess...

There is a point where everyone leaves their horses in certain spots, and due to not being able to toggle them from your own vision, the screen can get fairly clustered with other people's horses, not just yours. The game feels also quite like a mobile game, in the sense there's quite a few "waiting" portions, however, while some may have a problem, the game offers multiple ways to shorten that time, if you're observant.

While my biggest complaint is directed at the character customization, and don't confuse that with character creation, it's much different. When you first receive new armor or a weapon, you're excited to equip it to change your characters default look, only to realize, it doesn't actually change. Some going in blind to this game will be incredibly disappointed, for a game that stresses character customization there is a significant lack of.

One of the "best" ways to change your looks is through the cash shop, where my other large complaint comes in, through purchasing of costumes and accessories. I completely understand vanity items, and that they're not a necessity, but $30 for a full set, or $16 for the torso/main piece only. If this had been a F2P game, i would completely ignore this matter, but that isn't the case.

However, this game does offer a lot in the sense you can leave your computer running, and it will accumulate points for various sections of the game, and even when offline. However, while this is a nice time saver, this relates back to the feeling of a "Mobile game", which it shouldn't be, it's an MMO on a PC.

Combat is nice and fluid, but some classes are more interesting than others. The skill tree system (currently) feels vast enough for me to say it's enjoyable to try out new skills when I get them.

Voice acting in the game is... actually really bad. It pains me to say it as they must have put a lot of work into it, as a lot of NPC's speak when you're simply idling in town. If i had the option to just have the korean audio, i would take it.

Black Desert Online is a game that's cool until you realize how much grinding everything takes. Wanna make a boat and go deep sea fishing? You'll have to spend 10 hours getting it.

Combat involves pulling enemies into a group and dropping AoEs. Even the "bosses" have laughably telegraphed attacks. It's flashy but it's not deep.

I haven't tried PvP. Sounds cool, but I'm not going to grind for 50 hours so I can be on level footing.

Where to start? Story pacing is absolutely terrible; after playing this game for 8 hours, I still have no idea what is happening. The UI is easily one of the worst I've ever used in my 20+ years of gaming on PC. There's about 400 menus, all of which have next to zero introduction or explanation, and they are arranged so poorly that they just feel excruciatingly cumbersome to navigate. Inventory system is equally bad. I don't understand why or how Asian game studios continuously struggle to produce mediocrity in comparison to western design philosophies. Controls are also far too busy. I literally found myself struggling with almost everything on the screen on so many levels that it was just painful to experience. Sure, at times the game looks fairly nice. But only if you stand still, because the pop in is horrible when you're in motion, and if you zoom in too closely, everything outside of your character model is of typical Asian market production quality -- low res, blurry, and flat. Considering I'm also beginning to also learn about how terrible of a company DAUM is, I am going to be giving this one a pass. Thankfully I only had a 7 day trial, otherwise I'd be out $30 that I could have spent on something worthy of my time. This is a poorly executed, laughable excuse of a video game.

Black Desert, to sum it up is Likely one of the Greatest potential. MMORPG's to come around, the Game Does in Fact have a PVE. Since the Game is in the Very 1st stage of its life (western version) with no Current expansions, out this is a Game Build around PVP. with Guild castles, a war system so far as it stands to Give a Game such a one sided point of view of all of the Many classes that are going to be released.

Down sides no game is "PERFECT" The interface is alittle clunky and the Translations Are alittle off sometime thing are a little buggy. but then again what isn't at At this point at lvl 50 there is no Real content (right now)

also to add to that on that the next expansion that will be released will likely Require and your guild to consist. of players of Max level and also when you get the lvl cap Start working on a profession to Build up the Game economy.

10/10 Due to the potential and there is Nothing to Compare to it Right now to Leave anything below a 5 would be unfair for any game under 1 week old unless it is unplayable.

Awesome game. Huge open world sandbox(ish) MMORPG. Feels super alive. Best graphics in any MMORPG to date. Great action combat, combo based. World is huge and immersive. Is PvP focused: castle sieges and guild wars. Lots of people playing. Lots of side activities besides combat. Nice player housing system. Good, in-depth crafting. Has boats, mounts, wagons, pets, etc.

And... did I mention AFK fishing ?


Cash shop is expensive, classes are gender and age locked (character creator is amazing otherwise though), no player to player trading, no full loot PvP, not for the hardcore open world PvP'ers

For the price, it's a steal. Go buy it!

Wow. I thoughy i was the only one playing the game.
Graphically a pleasure to look at despite some small issues with draw distance that will hopefully improve as the title matures. Audio is is very fitting and I have not yet turned off the in game audio off in favor of my own sound track. The story is not as engaging as I would have liked it to be, but that is mostly lost in translation during its western localization. Game play is well thought out an fluid. I really like the fact that they opted for diminishing returns on actions rather than having to wait for cool downs on your abilities. No level lock is a major bonus, some will look at this as a major "grind fest" but the reality is your character never stops growing. People saying there is no end game really have no clue what endgame is , if your idea of sitting in one major hub and waiting to do dungeons is your idea of a fun endgame you might want to consider why major publishers using this structure are struggling to keep subscribers. Oh my next wonderful point, buy once play for ever, no pay to win. cash shop is cosmetic and quality of life and plz don't QQ cause costumes are expensive, its a choice to buy these things not a requirement. Honestly I feel like I could go on and on about the positives, crafting, gathering, PvP all these systems are well done.
Character creator is very detailed and probably one of the best implementations to date.

Con's :

Currently the only issue I have is .... hummmm nope not going to say yet as there is still more to come as it is not caught up yet and there will be several patches including content, player classes , systems and more coming over the next few months.

What a great game. Ignore the low scores, the trolling and salt that people have posted - there are a lot of bitter people in this world unfortunately. I'm always dubious of new MMO's especially eastern developed regardless of western conversion however out of 17 years of playing MMO this one really shines and is refreshing. If anyone is sceptical then try and source a 7 day pass and make your own mind up. The only 2 gripes are the acting and cut scenes are a little rough around the edges on the and the main screen UI needs to some TLC which I guess could be reworked hopefully sometime soon. I score this MMO a 9.6 because it's simply fantastic.

Really an awesome game. It's by no means perfect, but it's still a great sandpark (sandbox-thempark hybrid) MMO.

The good:
-visceral action combat mechanics
-exciting open world PvP and large scale GvGs
-multiple ways to progress your character (freedom of endgame)
-the world feels alive and immersive
-great graphics

The bad:
-lots of pop-in
-bad story and voice acting
-gender lock
-Limited player-to-player trading
-No challenging PvE, heavy emphasis on grinding (either mobs or the various systems)

The neutral:
-Being in a guild greatly increases your mileage with the game
-The game demands a lot of time investment; not pick up and play
-You're expected to partake in all the systems, rather than focus on one. (You can't focus 100% on PvP)

I had thought of trying out Black Desert, but kept hearing lot of cons. Maybe I'll look into it again. Looks good. :D

I don't like mmorpg games, but this game is awesome

very interesting and strategy game @acidyo. i love your post.

i love Black Desert game.. @acidyo

Played it over a year and left.
Short summary: way too much grinding, no dungeons system, does not encourage team play, almost impossible to get sinks if you are not willing to invest extra (prices for cash shop items are pretty steep) for each, later game has pay walls on every corner and reminds more of the "farming simulator" rather than MMORPG. VERY beautiful tho. ^.^

Wo man looks like you are also a game lover like me that's a great game man.....

i love this movie thx for this share

Saya sangat menyukai posting anda

Actually really like this game, I love sandbox type games where players craft everything. Plus the leveling system takes serious time and effort to get good at your profession.

I've played the game, make myself forget, so cried

I think Black Desert has the most fun character creation. And one of the most beautiful world comparing to other online games.
Just didn't have enough time to play. Damn, I'm jealous! :d

Noo, don't hurt the foxyy

BDO is an extremely deep time consuming game. If you are used to more modern mmos where you can play for a couple hours a night and be top 5-10% you will find bdo very overwhelming. Everything in the game is fun to do and the world is incredibly absorbing.

You don't have to play it that way to have a great time though. A guy named Fevir on YouTube said it best. Treat it like Skyrim or another single player RPG and you will have hundreds of hours of fun ahead of you. But if being competitive is your thing be prepared to spend a lot of hours grinding various things.

nice game. i like it.
thanks for sharing

Yeah, I’ve heard a fair bit about this one. I’d love to get into Final Fantasy 14 but just cannot put in the time commitment.

My d.tube comes in unwatchable with all kinds of delays. i could barely watch it, hope that gets better soon.

This game is really very interesting...

It's must be great games. I like it, but never play it before. I would to find how to and how much level they have.... I promise you, I will step ahead from you... hehehe... just try me bro.... Very nice your game, I am interesting. Have nice day bro.

I can play this game right now

yeah you began your vacation with chilling games :)

Mister mew @acidyo on your next gameplay videos please do include some MOBA plays like dota2 I'm a solid fan of dota2 and want to see some of your sick skills in MOBA games. 💯

great game playing @acidyo, don't forget to visit my blog

I like the graphics of this game, is this game sir is capable for Android?


@acidyo sir...
I'm new comer in this great platform...U'm always try learn something with all steemit posts...
Ur this post is most uncommon...I'm realy like playing video games...in my free time...
Wondetful post sir...I'm realy interesing...
Followed U sir...now...I'm become Ur fan...I'm always try followed ur blog every day...
Merry Happy Christmas.....

I like the character creation, it goes in depth. I think that every 3rd person game should have a well made character creation system @acidyo.

I have never played this game in the past.
But after reading your post, I'm eager to play the game. when we'll get the game ? I'm surprisingly waiting.... dear @acidyo

Nice ,very good post 😘

in the same style , i love Blade and soul

Some people are so fortunate to see that they have such power
And I wonder if this man got a lot of getting a vote,
I have come to you with many hopes, please do not disappoint me, please, a little help,

Well I played that game for 1000 hours in europe server 2 years ago . If you don't have asian level grinding skills I don't reccomend you to play it.

This game is pretty graphics intensive. If you are okay with "grindy" games than this one should be pretty good honestly!

Black desert wow, I would love to play the game. It looks interesting and I am sure the graphics would be top-notch.

I really want to play MMORPG but I am confused about playing what game, after I see this video I want to play it, thanks for posting you yg.buat, useful for me of course ..
thanks for @acidyo

seems great

Merry Christmas.. Be always happy ☺

very beautful. Thanks for post

Where should I get like yours...?

This is a game that a few friends of mine have been talking about!
Seams great fun :) allot of Hype around it!

@acidyo, you was fire in Black Desert. Come on...lets start to destroy all enemies here. 720p is great quality to gaming adventure. Thank you.

Ah I love finding new gaming material to follow. Nice work I look forward to seeing more of your content! Followed and upvoted.

nice post and nice games @acidyo

Black Desert Online was alright. Only put in 160+ hours into it myself. Quite many of those hours where afk crafting. Was never really into fishing so I just rise my cooking up a lot. Kind of had that “f2p” vibe with how they rewarded players for time spent logged into the game. Was not a big fan of how rewarding it was just for leaving it running in the background.

It has quite a few things that make it rather different. Town management and trying to min/max nodes was something that felt very strange at first for an MMO like this. I even had a nice little trade network going for a little while but was never enough profit in it when compared to other thing.

I went on a bit of a YouTube binge even seeing what others had done and how they made money in game. I overly enjoyed the economics of it till I start to work out just how long it would take me to earn enough to buy or try and craft high end gear.

I’ve honest thought about returning to it as a back burner game for now. Just earning for most part rewards for being on daily and some afk crafting of the booze!

I have really been missing a good sieging city warfare game for a while now. I never did get around to the pvp aspect of the game. It looked like it would be fun.

I have been playing way to much Ark and Path of Exile as of late to put much time into other games.

look like a great game.

Hey, I wasn't a fan. I thought it was intensely grind-y and it played like a mobile game. It basically rewards staying logged in. The combat wasn't great either. I did like the crafting but even that had it's massive grind issues.

i use the trial ago,well am enjoyed a lot. @acidyo

BlackDesert is a great game, but I don't think many of people will actually stay for a long time in this game. At the beggining it looks awesome, quality of the graphics, options when creating an character... yes, but when you actually trying to do quests they are worthless. All you do in this game is basically grind, grind and grind! Game is fun for the first couple of hours, after that many of people find themselves in a position where they don't know what to do, even if there is thousands of quests (useless quests).
The game it self has a massive potential, but they shouldn't really put a Store in the game, because you have to pay for the game itself.
Anyway - I still recommend BlackDesert, maybe you'll find it funny and challenging!

720 perfect quality man, do you play just for fun or competition? i question you because i like to follow the competitions of csgo and overwatch. Regards

This one I just started playing, but CSGO I do play matchmaking every now and then, only DMG rank but it's fun! :)

I understand man, well played!

Great post there, keep up good work !

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The game looks awesome and all, with great graphics and the sound you get upon killing the PVE awesome but just running and killing NPC kills the fun unless you can play alongside other players and also loot equip from them xd

verynice gaming desert

yeah it's best mmorpg at least for me

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