Curation Explained

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Some info about curation, curation penalty and sources to sites that offer cool curation stats.

Let me know if you got any questions, my voice needs some getting used to so there might be a few places you didn't hear what I said. :P and are created by @jesta is created by @penguinpablo is created by @steemchiller

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I have been using many of these sites and know many of these things but I still learned something and this is a great video for those who don't know how things exactly work around here but I agree with some of the previous comments you should lower your music volume a little bit

One question , if we buy Steem power like 30K of it , is it wrong to still upvote your own material as well ??


Not wrong, but is It moral? That is the question.

If I buy something I should be the judge if how it’s used

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So on that logic if you buy a gun and judge It must be used to kill a random person on the street thats ok? Supposing there were no law against that

Depends on the situation. If that person was baby hitler and we used false analogies, then the answer is quantum blue.

And how would you know exactly that was baby hitler without traveling in time?

It's best not to think about it, really. You end up being your own great grandfather.

This is something I’ve been trying to get a handle of. The 30 minute rule applies here too from what I understand. (Welcome to correction)

If you upvote yourself before 30 mins, you basically take all the curation reward for yourself. Afterwards, it is the same as usual. I would assume that your upvote also goes into the pot for curation reward, so it does help others? Generally, I read that it was not frowned upon, so I’ve started doing it myself.

I've thought about this a lot. I finally came to the conclusions that you should do what you think is best for your business. You can simply think of a self vote like marketing. On the other hand, some curators shy away from posts that have been self-voted. A compromise could be to wait 30 minutes before you give yourself an upvote. Personally, I think as long as you are also spreading votes around and helping some other good authors get visible, you should not lose sleep over your choice.

Just my two cents, if you create content I think everyone should upvote their own content. Comments not so much but that's just my two cents.

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I think the music should be more low key and quieter and your voice should be a bit louder. Good first effort man. Not everybody prefers listening or watching a video just so you know :)

Thanks, don't usually upload a lot of videos. ^^

I'll keep that in mind next time. :)

Yeah, I had to hold off on upvoting as I got burnt out and did NOTHING. Now I can give people a weighty $0.03! All got to start somewhere.

Didn’t really know too much about the 30 minute rule, although I’ve gradually picked it up over time.

It Will be 15 minutes on next update

Heard you loud and clear @acidyo, and i resteemd this too

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I watched your videos at D-Tube Awesome!

Hmm I wanted to watch the video, but I cannot log in on DTube. I always get the message that my username doesn't exists...

When I was trying to log in for the first time I kept trying to use the wrong password. Perhaps it might help to double check your steemit account. To see if you've got the details right?

now alredy watch this video. i think it is profitable for me .can i resteem this post @acidyo ?

You don't need the permition of an author to resteem a post

If you resteem it I'll flag it!

Good analysis and information buddy... Good job....

Great apps bro i will try the steemworld because that one is new to me

@acidyo looking to help new users again... who's surprised? :)

Thanks for another useful publication. We are having a huge wave of incoming newbies nowadays so it's rather helpful! I will resteem this post exactly for this reason!

Highest Regards

i watch your videos DTube channel . thanks for sharing good information @acidyo

thanks the video contains interesting information hope it works

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Thanks for a job well done. Nice and very explicit videos on the very important topic of curation.

Good Job @acidyo

great topic @acidyo.i like your post.Thanks for sharing good plan.

I'm still none the wiser. Are there no simple recommendations for those of us just starting out? Like in your first few weeks upvote these types of posts and when to do so. Presu,ably it depends on what you're trying to achieve - being seen, earning SP etc. What's best for what? Or what should we be considering in the first few weeks? The more I read and watch the more confused I get.


thats a great post..

keep it up..

thank you @acidyo

@acidyo - the biggest problem I have in explaining steem to newbies is trying to explain how steem, steem power and SBD are interrelated and how curation and author rewards work.. THanks for this post.

Give some upvotes to the noobs and spread it around the world... it's all part of the grand plan (-L

You have mine,i need yours

Good post

Thanks for letting me know about - I love it! Nice job @jesta! I didn't realise that we get SP for upvotes that we receive on comments until I looked at the stats - an extra big thank you to everyone who has upvoted them in my first few days on the platform!

I will check this out later. I'm going to celebrate market cap Steem right now :)

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Hi @acidyo, I would like a written version of video. When i'm at work i can't watch videos and when i'm at home my daughter make me impossible to hear video (there's a lot of noise into games these days)..

I feel the voice is a bit low in volume

the video are great
need change the music

A beautiful publication worthy of follow up I will follow your new

Yes you are right

Nice video. I like this video. Very good job
Thanks for sharing @acidyo

I love the video...keep working harder and give us more

What could be the reason even if you followed the 30 minute rule and upvoted 100% of other post still you are getting small rewards? It might be a silly and shallow question but still hoping to get an answer. Thanks for the video @acidyo. It enlightens everyone.

This publication worth an up vote and to be resteem. This post need to get more awareness to deliver this helpful informative to many Steemers out there.

The reason I say so because I have been searching a lot of info for the past few days (I'm new Steemers joined this month). I found a lot of similar information in Steemit search, although is similar but I would say this video provide the best value because it's a compile version of everything I found and it is easy to understand.

Great job 😀

I think that is was pretty good effort for a first time. I did notice when I was on Dtube that the title was just number, might one to edit that in case someone is searching on there.

a new information for me @acidyo
Thank you for sharing

Great information! Outstanding post! Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing! I love steemit and the steemit Family! It is so helpful and kind! I'm VERY proud and honored to be a part of the steemit Family! Two thumbs up! :)

Acidyo I have to say that I don't like the video format, since I can't realy read it during lecture and neither during the travel in the train, because it uses to much mobil data. I personaly prefer the writen posts.

thanks for the video, people need to know about curation, because a lot of people are not upvoting, they don't know that they can earn from that

Good job, continue.

Thanks for the post, I am still new here and sometimes I fall into information that is not complete and I think I am not doing the right thing, I will follow your advice.

Some good mentions of sites. My personal favorite

@acidiyo, I ask you now, How do I use manual curation? I have no Idea for this and also how do I increase my SP?

Thanks for posting man!

Thank you very much! Even to me as a newbie it's very good to understand what you are talking about! :)
I bookmarked the sites you introduced to us on my browser :)
You are really a great help for the community, especially new members like me :)

How can one become a curator, If I am not mistaking you are part of the OCD team. I might have few questions regarding curating for French content, specifically for africans.

Now I will know about the rule of 30 minutes. And earlier I often voted for different posts in the first minute.

now I have alredy watch this video. i think it is profitable for me an my followers n those am following .can i resteem this post for those on my blog to see.

Thanks! I have been doing some research on this subject and only had more questions after I was done looking into the curation side of Steemit. This helped answer some of those questions and it will help me in curation along with many others. One thing I did not understand was the 30 minute rule.

This topic is so important because no we need curate the curators and watch out for the platform and our community more than ever.

Good job for explaining curation rewards @acidyo. Very beneficial for the minnows like me.

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thanks for the info

thank you..Somethings I already knew but not all this is helpful

Extremely intersting information on curation thank you for sharing you have my vote & resteem

I wanted to always find good posts with 30 minutes and no votes, but the bots always vote first. The site correct is

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yeah, pretty nice 👍😊

Hey yo, I tried to listen, but the whistling background noise drives me crazy ;) How about a new Micro, dude ;) Nevertheless, thx for the Videocontent.

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