Steemjet_WorldCup Anthem_by_Uche-nna & Jesse12

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**Hello steemians, steemjetters and to @dimimp.**

The long awaited song for steemjet WorldCup anthem is here.. 💃💃💃

This song was one of the reasons I had to travel from the eastern part of Nigeria to the northern part of Nigeria.

The song would have been done earlier but I had to take care of my dad so It came a little bit late.

And guess what?

The song was done by me, @uche-nna and @jesse12 the side kick of the steemjet community.

We thought since theirs always a worldcup song every 4 years, we thought it would be great to do ours too for the @steemjet community.

The lyrics was written by us, but the instrumental isn't ours because we haven't gottem all the necessary things we need for learning music production.

Though when we do, am sure are going to be preparing instrumental for the steemjet community and also be able to reach our aim, which is global adoption of steem.

Enjoy, please don't mind our voice.

We are on the wings of superstars (jesse)
We are on the wings of superstars (uche-nna)
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh (both)

Steem gives freedom
Takes you higher
With Steem you can, go to places
Thanks to dimimp, dreams been fulfilled
Global adoption is our aim

Moving forward, we are preaching
About steemjet, that's our ettle
With the jet pack and Jehovah
We would never let you down

Steeming forever on
Singing song for the steemit world
Let's rejoice in the beautiful game
And together at the end of the day
we all say

Taking the space force
To outter planet
Is our aim
And we gonna do our best

We're moving
We're preaching
We're making, a difference
To the world
Of crypto

Back To Verse1

We're in the period of the world cup
Another era to be happy
It's the epoch, to watch great stars
Like ronaldo and other players.




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Okay, okay, okay, so these dudes just take this Steemjet music stuff to another realm. Man, this is gonna be my ringtone for all my phone from now on.


Yes!!! 💃💃💃
Our able pilot, thanks alot for your words..

amazing work, this will make a great track for the closing ceremony!

make sure you keep the tracks in the highest quality digital format, necer compress, I can remix and re-produce with different background music, etc in future. What song is that in the background (instrumental).

You 2 have a complimentary style, but I know that you already know that. Your inflection is truly unique and inspirational uchenna, let your imagination run wild, and keep dreaming!

loving the auto tune by the way!


Thank you sir @dimimp
I would try my best to keep it in high quality as expected. Though my dad's health ate most of the funds but am glad his okay, just as you said life first and any amount of steem is replaceable.

The instrumental is waving flag by K'naan.

Am about to get some gears, it's on the way I would keep you in touch when I do, because I still got some other things too to add to it.
I use some of the funding in transporting myself for the steemcamp event to represent steemjet.

And finally @dimimp, @jesse12 would really love to get gears too, it would be very useful for him.


I'm glad you are well pleased @dimimp

This is totally superb. This duet is one of the best songs I've ever heard on steemjet. You guys have got no rival. You did awesome. Keep the flag flying.


Thanks alot for the uplifting words.
And we surely gonna keep the flag flying..

This song is so dope mehn


Am pleased to hear that.
Thanks for stopping by.

Amazing guys @jesse12 and @uche-nna

Steem gives freedom
Takes you higher
With Steem you can, go to places.

I so much love this line, steem gives freedom, I can relate well. Takes you higher, am high today cause of steem. Nice work bro.


I know right..
Thanks for stopping by..

Good ones guys. You were able to produce this nice song in short interval. I love the song


It wasn't easy but with God on our side..
Thanks for sharing your own view.

Wow! Wow! Wow! I enjoyed every bit of the song. You guys rock @uche-nna ansd @jesse12. Global adoption is the aim 👏👏👏👏


Yeah, that's our main goal..
Thamks for stopping, we do preciate.

On point this is. You make me want to sing along. This is amazing @uche-nna and @jesse12


thanks sis, we do preciate your opinion..

Wow.... See talent. Thanks to dimimp mehnnnn


wow this is totally amazing, the other guy totally sounded different from you but you both sang well, it was so sonorous and awesome, I love it so much


Okay, in what way? I would really love to know.
Mainwhile thanks for the complement, we sincerely appreciate.


well I meant the voices were diverse bro, like having rice and beans in a plate lol 😂😂 amazing


O my, you so hilarious..
Anywhere thanks...

I can see a fantastic reflection in laughter.i think,Which inspires me and the community to steemit everyone.



That's really impressive I must say..

Success is achieved through this laugh.
loving to your steemjet music song.
thanks @uche-nna


Thanks alot @robert31, I do preciate.


Just for you........... @uche-nna
tenor (5).gif

Wow this song gat me dancing


Never knew it would..
Am glad to know, thanks for stopping by.

I love the song , your voice is sooo nice! :) and your t-shirt as well :)

This comment was made from


This got me smiling from ear to ear seriously..
Thanks for your kind words, I do appreciate it alot.


I actually memorized the song already hehe the music is so jolly I really love it. Thank you

Wow amazing song and amazing voices Weldon guys...on the wings of superstars we are words and steem


Yes!!! 😊
Thanks brotherly.

This is compelling, well done @jesse12 and @uche-nna


Thanks bro, we sincerely do appreciate..

It's really nice being creative.

Beautiful piece. However, you would have done more work on the rhythm.


Thanks, and also I would try to see how we can work on that.


Ok bro. All the best.

Too much sauce... Smoking hot mhen


Thanks man..

Wow.. You guys sound amazing.. Been waiting for this a long time now.. Thumbs up.. @dimimp should love this!


Yeah, sorry we couldn't make it on time due to some issuses but we glad we were able to.
Thanks for stopping by.

I'm short of words, this is simply amazing.


Thanls for your words man, it really means alot.

Blaad of gaaawwddd.. You guys murdered it.. Nice one guys 🙌🙌😂😂


This is hilarious. Thanks for the complement.

Nice flows man, with my gee by your left @jesse12.

Great post. thanks for share.

You were chosen for my 🎧 DSound TOP5! 🎧 on Sunday - Thank You!

Nice theme song ive got to check them out