Hello! A pleasure♡

This music is very relaxing, I feel good vibes and it's different from what I have heard, the people say that instrumental music motivates a person to concentrate. Thank you for sharing your excellent work♡

Greetings from Venezuela :D

This track is a lot different than what I would normally write, I feel like it may be a nice direction to head down. I’ve always loved instrumental pieces. I’m glad you found it relaxing, I think the absence of singing/lyrics in music can definitely aid in concentration and or motivation but at the same time take you on a journey. Thank you so much from down under! 🇦🇺

The music itself is very relaxing, with music everything is much better!!

Very true.. Well said!

Rich warm and rousing rock out Tom! Nice 1 Sounds kewl! :)

Really glad you like it. Thanks so much for the compliments mate!

You are not an amateur musician, you are a musician with great talent. Thank you for sharing this instrumental piece. I like the delicacy of percussion. Regards @thomasrobertgent

Thank you for your kind words, I like how the drums came out on this piece also.

You are a good musician and you must believe it. Thank you for being a creator of universal language, that is, music

Very good instrumental piece.
I love how it develops.
I like the sound at the end, although I don't identify the instrument.
Still great

The instrument at the end is an Irish whistle keyboard pre-set. Thank you for your kind words

Thanks for your answer.
I will seek to listen to this instrument to educate my ear.
Keep it up!

Hi thomasrobertgent,

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Yeeehaa! Thanks curie!

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