Worldwide Cypher Jam [ ROUND 84 ] "Calling ALL MCs/Singers of Earth!!" 白蚁.

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The original!!! 2 years strong, Worldwide Cypher Jam!!!!!
ROUND 84!!!!
... As Ive always said, If you're still jammin, I'll keep posting the beats!!
It's never been about money, just making this tech work for us and creating good music!!!
So ...

  • Play the beat I have made for you and record your bars/freestyle/venom spit/lyrics/singing/scratching/epic trumpet solo/whatever you got, over it!!
  • Use phones/laptops/cameras/home studio or whatever you want to record it!!! Technology does not matter, just skill!!


I call this beat 'Cape Cobra'. 白蚁.
... I like this speed but feel free to mess with it, chop it up, eat it whole!

Download (choose any format you want) @:



  • There are NO rules!!!
  • Post your entries below, or comment with a link to your entry post.
  • 'Best' entry to the cypher gets the STEEM from this post!
  • You have until I switch the beat in 2 weeks (Sunday 15th September)!!!

... Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS THE RAW S** T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace and enjoy.


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Bishop is back in the house!!!!
Yo!! this is dope!!!
been a while bruv!!!


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