'switch up the beat!!!!' [ conclusion to the jam - Round 83 ] 白蚁.

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2 years on steemit!!!!!!!!
How perfectly ironic that I'm not posting this with steemit!! haha!!


... Well,
So, we got through the hardfork??!!? Lets see how this works out!!?
Water can put out the fire, but the fire can never destroy the water.

... Oh, and what do you get when that fire hits the water?
... yep ... steem!!!
Still ... BE WATER!!
Feed the plants, and so the whole ecosystem.

Flowing and powering up the beat (so far) for this round was ...


(... to be edited if steemit sorts its shit out!!)

I feel blessed to jam with you!!
YOU MAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

... Here is the 'thing' from the Round 83 post.

So .... 6.888 STEEM,
... as decided for this round by billpiff
... (drumroll) ... is gonna get split the 2 ways!!
I will send this as soon as I find a route through this crypto storm!!
Hopefully we'll be back to normal asap.
Everyone smashed it!!! Skill levels are high as f**k!!!!!


  • Round 84 coming (hopefully) very soon!!!!!!



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@burnigzeal16 was freaking fire bro. Oooooooooweeeee

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Thanks bruh!

Serious fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@burningzeal16 is a next level wordsmith and cyper-nator!!!!

Thanks bro! Def my best entry, your beat had the perfect atmosphere to drop some personal shit on. This is only half of the track, will release the rest when I get back. Got some shit to deal with so rap's gonna take a bit of a backseat. Unless Ken finally sees his email coz that rap is as good as this one, waiting for his verse. Maybe I'll make an appearance at the end of the year again who knows! Me and Willy G also done a track a long time ago, but it's more of a parody track, still need a super lyrical one with him. Need one with Privat too. Also have a metal head and another crazy mf that stays in the mountains to collab with when I get back too lol! Started a different rap character for myself as well, but that is top secret. So a lot to get back to, hopefully I can slide The Flaming BARbeque mixtape inbetween the madness this year. The jam never stops, keep well!

This beat kinda came about after chattin to you about necro, listened to a whole loada Non Phixion n then made that!! So it musta been fate bruv!!!!
... Yeah real life always comes first man!! You goin out with a bang with this one tho!!! For REAL!!!
Let me know when your stuff drops man!!! You know I wanna hear that!!!

... steemit seems to have gone a bit mental lately with its workings!! We'll see how it goes!! might need to shake shit up a bit!!!

Like the old school visuals Tyger, dope entry! I feel compelled to quote one of my fav rappers Chino Xl and say "The last time a woman changed me I was in my diapers as a baby" haha. Cypher jam bebe lol

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