Worldwide Cypher Jam [ ROUND 81 ] "Calling ALL MCs/Singers of Earth!!" 白蚁.

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白蚁. 白蚁. 白蚁. 白蚁. 81.

  • Play my beat below and record yourself doing your bars/freestyle/scratch/rap/singing/verse/epic solo/whatever you feel over it!

Download link: This beat, I call 'shotgun ninety-nine' 白蚁.


  • Use laptops/phones/home studio/cameras or anything you want to record it! Skills matter, not tech!
  • Post your entry (or post a link to your entry) below.
  • Best entry to the cypher gets the SBD or STEEM from this post!!!
  • You have until I switch the beat on Sunday 4th August!!


Beginners encouraged, experience respected!!!

... Lets f**kin' jam!!!!!!!

Peace and enjoy.
TERMITE. 白蚁. ( @termitemusic )


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Feel as though I did a cypher for this a while back...

hahaha!!! Whats good bro!! You did indeed man!!! 2 years ago to be exact!! I was wondering if any cypher oldskoolers would notice!! haha! 80 unique beats tho so far no repeats!! ... 80!!! if each beat took me 3hrs to make, thats 240hrs!! 10 days worth!!! So I think I'm allowed!! haha.
Height of festival season in the UK so Im playing out most weekends and aint got much time at the mo, hence the repeat. No fear tho man, I make beats like fat people eat food!!
ps. NO RULES so feel free to bring that stuff back if your not spittin another!!

Like fat people eat food!!

Lmao ok, just making sure I wasn't having a bad deja Vu trip 😆

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Oof... they just get better and better. 1437554900175.jpg

@djslurk in tha house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a really dope verse man! I attended the tuesday session for the first time yesterday. I will be supporting all you guys and pushing hard with some other real heads here. Big ups to termite and you !

Yeah bro!!! glad we finaly discord linked!!! Its ON!!

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Thankyou bro!!! Big up!!!