March Art Madness | LUNATICS by SPAWN

in dsound •  2 years ago  (edited)

Such an awesome initiative by @stateofthearts running this competition. It's great to see the involvement and engagement and contests like this, make Steemit so worth our time. There aren't many bands on Steemit yet, let alone Ska Punk bands. We'd like to submit our track 'LUNATICS' for this contest. March Art Madness / Lunatics I think it's a perfect match! Also, if you're a bit more familiar with our genre and you know your stuff, Two Tone Ska band Madness was (and still is) an awesome band that helped made the genre popular in the 70s and 80s. Google them if you don't know and want to know where we got our inspiration from ;)

So enjoy our track, comment below and browse the other #stateofthearts entries. It's worth your time, we promise :)

Link to DSound below this article. Track on Soundcloud:

Link to Spotify:

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Very neat! Resteemed to the State of the Arts feed.

Good luck on getting up-votes @spawnband .

Awesome thanks a lot

Nice , excellent work

Thanks a lot for listening to our music @shadesofblack! Glad you like it :)

Really cool song good luck with the competition!

I'm hosting a new contest, you might want to check out too! My mission is to inspire all of the creatives on the blockchain to band together, and promote postive change through creative means.
I'd be really cool if you'd like create an entry or maybe participate in the contest in the future :D
Thank you :)

Thanks @seenitallfilms. I'll check out your contest as well :)

good luck guys, Suggs went to the same school as me, not at the same time but still, pretty cool. love madness

Hah! Isn't that awesome! Thanks man.

yeah apparently thats what baggy trousers was about

Good luck guys, it's a great track!

Thanks @gjart for your continuous support!

Yeah! Very MADNESS!!!Absolutely love it!

Thanks @moeostar!

Listening to this highly energetic and attitudinal song I am going to be a LUNATIC cleaning my house today. Well done!

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This is Very Very Beautiful Sound...
I Enjoy To Listen it...😍😍😍