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The Weed Police - Chapter one - Weird Advertising by @yasien, spoken by @shla-rafia

in dsound •  10 months ago

Script for movie, spoken.

See the written version here:
Weird Advertising
Shots Fired, Mainstream News Heads Talking About Bombs Falling, Terrorists, Climate-Change, Economists Debate Role Central Banking And crypto-currencies, People Protesting And Shouting, Cops Burning Tons Of Drugs. Presentation Credits Roll The Screens Fades Up On:
Black screen with 3 lines :
Line 1: This movie is partial based on actual events Line 2: “sort off”...
Line 3: You know

FLUSH, somebody just flushed the toilet while a troubled boy sits in the toilet and contemplate his life wit a gun in one hand and a bottle of Crozac pills in the other.
He reads the back of the half-empty bottle where he reads about the side-effects. Funny thing is that the label on the bottle redirects the reader to the website of the manufacturer, due to the multiplicity of side-effects that could occur. Or simply because it didn't fit the bottle-label. Anyways he takes the last two pills, puts the gun in his back pants and flushes the bottle. With the pills in his mouth he goes out and walks to the sink to drink some water.

[HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT]: Are you still here? the toilet is meant for pissing and shitting not for whacking off, you loser.
While they push him around and made him lose the pills which roll in the sewer system. The bullies then go laughing in the toilet boots. After he picks himself up he washes himself in front of the mirror and takes a good look at himself. He doesn't like the person looking back. Suddenly he takes out his gun, pulls away the safety trigger and kicks in the doors of the toilet boots and shoots both of the bullies. Feeling fatalistic he continues in the hall where he continues shooting.

The view stays on the dead bullies head where you could hear gunshots, screams and shouts from the hallway.
The short movie is abruptly ending with a commercial add, notifying the viewer that drug company Fuckzer has developed a new anti-depressive drug that with no suicidal or violent tendencies which they call the Feeling Good-pill.


Shortly after the dark-humor commercial you can hear someone say:

[TARIK]: That's just sick man. The person who made this commercial should be jumping of a tall building in stead of making this inhuman sick clip

Obviously shocked by the dark comedy marketing of anti-depressive pills, he exhales some cannabis smoke.
Suddenly Tarik skips the channel to an alternative finance news channel with talking heads discussing China's gold purchase and United States debt ceiling. Anarchists talking about how terror is being milked for the purpose of staying in power, while zooming out and the TV becomes visible.
Again Tarik skips the channel to a comedy channel where you could see an episode of best fails compilation of the month.

After one of the funny fails on TV, you can hear the sound of a lighter and someone giggling.
Two middle aged men are sitting on the couch. The living room is well decorated with a flat screen TV, an open closet with a lot of herbs, nuts, dvds, books, and some whine bottles on the top.

On the table you can see some plates with cheese, olives and nuts. The room is light blue and it is decorated with some well known jazz pictures where there is someone playing an instrument. One of the pictures shows a house with a nice quote stating: “This house is blessed with love, laughter, happiness and a cat.”

Tarik would sometimes come together with friends consuming marijuana, watching movies, making delicious meals and rehash the events of the world philosophically. Tarik had a certain interest for words and concepts. His friends Henry and Robert were more than often surprised by the concepts he brought as conversational material.

[TARIK]: I really like those fails compilations man

While he tries to take a hit from a prerolled joint but it is out. The sound of a lighter, the inhaling of cannabis smoke and

Tarik asks Henry while Tarik passes the roach to Henry

[TARIK]: So when do you think they are going to legalize this
While sitting on the couch of his best friend examining the just purchased overpriced weed, and making weird sounds to the cat which just walked in.

HENRY: I don’t think anytime soon, man. Haven’t you seen our new Minister of Health claiming he knew somebody who died using cannabis? With this kind of politicians the legalization movement is going nowhere

[TARIK]: But that is just bullshit, it’s a false claim. And how many die of eating too many burgers, or die of alcohol poisoning. Why are those substances legal? It’s just not consistent. And hemp-unfriendly. It’s just those alcohol and tobacco companies who would lose quite a market-share if they legalized hemp. I guess they got to our new Minister of Health. Do they not know that it cures cancer, it’s therapeutically and it cures the ground we use for our crops and....

But before Tarik could finish his sentence and hemp-rant Henry interrupts him with the question about the joint.

HENRY: Have you wrapped the joint already, because the one you just passed was almost nothing?

Tarik answers that he has almost constructed the weed joint but in fact he needs to first crumple the weed, roll the tip and align it for consumption.

[TARIK]: Yeah man, I’m almost done
while in fact he just got the grinder to pulverize the marijuana.

HENRY: I’ll believe it when I see it, so where is it man?

[TARIK]: It’s coming, no need to hurry up and smoke. Relax man. Have you finished the grapefruit drinks?

HENRY: Yeah, it’s coming. Just washing the blender.

Tarik finishes the joint while Henry is pleased to see the new joint, and he serves Tarik and himself a nutritious drink. Tarik lights the joint, takes a few hits from the bubbles weed while Henry sits down, turn off the TV and asks Tarik how life is.

[TARIK]: Same shit, different day

[VOICE NARRATOR DESCRIBING TARIK]: Tarik is an Moroccan-Dutch guy. Tarik is an autodidact and studied IT and Economics. He always dreamed of working as a broker. Tarik works as an IT-guy for an insurance company where he assists with the core-processes of the company. He has an average desk with three computer screens and where he monitors the incoming email and telephone calls. He makes sure employees can do their job with the system. The indifference and brain-dead attitude of employees who he helps sometimes gets to him. On an average day he receives about 40 to 50 calls and processes about 20 emails from employees. The repetition of these processes puts him on auto-pilot. He always tries to give everyone a fair chance and is working on perfecting his patience. Because without patience on a help-desk and without some residue of marijuana in one’s veins, one could go mad.

[VOICE NARRATOR DESCRIBING HENRY]: Henry is an Indonesia-Dutch guy. Henry is very intelligent and has an open mind but sometimes has trouble filtering MSM bullshit from reality. He studied at a Restaurant school and went to college for his Communication degree. He used to work with Tarik at a bank. When Tarik studied Economics he got the job at the bank and helped Henry to work beside him as a colleague. Just like Tarik he doesn’t really like his work. He just does it because of the monthly bills. Henry owns a cat with one eye, and loves ganja and wine. Sometimes he helps Robert at the Chinese restaurant.

[TARIK]: Those people at work, man. They are killing man. If I work too hard they say I don’t fit the group. And if I take it easy, they’ll be asking if I have problems solving the IT-issues

While passing the joint to Henry says:

HENRY: That’s just office culture, me thinks. At my office most colleagues just sell an image of hard work to supervisors, but in reality do jack shit. The database that I have implemented clearly shows that.
While exhaling and passing the joint back to Tarik. And then suddenly someone knocks at the door.

[TARIK]: It’s probably our amigo Robert, ain't

While getting up and opens the door and suddenly closes the door and repeating this, till Robert sets his foot on the door and signals that it isn’t funny anymore.

[ROBERT]: I can’t believe the arrogance of some Dutch people
While barging in and sits down.

[VOICE NARRATOR DESCRIBING ROBERT]: Robert is an Chinese-Dutch guy. He studied IT and has an elaborate experience on food and wine. He works for his parents as a host serving meals. The restaurant specializes in Chinese food dishes and wok-specialties. He loves gadgets and iPhone's. He would love to open an own restaurant based on his own formula, but due to the slowed economy and the trend that people more often eat at home, he is not being able to do so. He saves for the day that he would be able to do so without any financial problems.

[ROBERT]: Do people really think that is it funny to be so cliche in their Chinese jokes? Leaving the RR and speaking like they from China. It’s so condescending.

[TARIK]: Don’t let them get to ya

While passing the joint to Robert.

[TARIK]: Let the marijuana relieve you of this feeling.

Robert grasps the joint while saying:

[ROBERT]: I just don’t get people who make fun of the guy who brings them the delicious food. Don’t they understand that I could spit in their foods.

While exhaling. Henry offers Robert a wine, but Robert declines and sees Tarik drink his grape-fruit drink.

[ROBERT]; Do you have some more grapefruit-juice? If you have, I’ll have that.

[VOICE NARRATOR DESCRIBING EVENING]: They continue the evening by discussing hemp, techniques of cultivating it, places to grow it, ways to hide to it and manners of consuming. Sometimes Tarik gets into an argument with Henry regarding the smoking of cannabis.

Where Henry advocates the use of a vaporizer or a total withhold of cannabis. Henry says that the burning of cannabis combined with tobacco without filter can cause cell-damages in one's lungs.

But Tarik claims that the cell-damages that can cause cancer-cells cannot survive with the continued use of cannabis due to it’s cancer killing properties. Off-course a healthy lifestyle is a necessity while using cannabis. Only lung-cleaning exercises and a healthy diet can legitimize the use of the herb, accompanied with a periodic withhold of cannabis. A discussion with no end. Both are right.

Stay tuned for the next chapter: [ORGY OF VIOLENCE]

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This is pretty crazy; my song that I just posted mentions police and weed, its pretty funny really! please check it out=D