Hiding Verses: Tinnitus

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Tangerine and cedarwood mist
I am cooling in a chair away from
the fire burning bookside
you are there too, among words
wishes, horses, hay, assumptions

No fretting the fingerboards
these ears have noise cancellation
abilities to melt plastic and panic,
ring any bell monotonally forever
no fretting no foot on the pedal waaaaah

It isn't a question of madness or
bemusement over quirks I am
telling you I'm tired and shut
down on myself and you
boarded up, no access, go away.

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

I loved the response this Steemit Original poem received when I shared it last week. I often experience ringing in my ears, especially accompanied by anxiety. I do wear noise cancellation headphones around the house when the world is just too much, which is not too often. It happens though. I think we all feel overwhelmed at times.

For me, overwhelm stems from sensory overload and autism. I am a work in progress, very happy with myself and my ability to spot my limits. Many frequencies are not my friends. One of those happens to be what my 5yo used to enrage her siblings. Laugh with me or I'm laughing alone!

Anyway, this piece isn't just about sensory overload; it's also about managing PTSD and how hard it is to stay open and accessible. Essential oils in a diffuser, noise cancellation headphones, a need for physical space . . . it all boils down to the management of triggers and trauma.

What stories do you nest in your poems?

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Thank you, I think. :)

perfect lines with great meaning. sometimes its pretty cool to shut yourself out from the world and just be alone in a world where you exist alone. it helps to calm the nerves and gives room for self reflection. thanks for sharing this piece.

Calming the nerves. YES. I could use that right now, actually. What do you do to come back to zero?