Linear Operators & Crytek - Deep - Original Song Circa 2004 オリジナルソング、2004年

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This was a tune my friend, Crytek and I made back in 2004. He worked on the drums and I pretty much did everything else. Since I just got my midi controller I want to start posting some of my tunes beginning with this one. I don't even think we had a name for it because just after finishing it Crytek had a deployment to sea and I moved back from Tokyo to California. I'm finally going to name it "Deep" after the vocal sample.

これは私の友人、Crytekと私が2004年に作った曲でした。彼はドラムで作業していました。 私はちょうど私のMIDIコントローラーを持っているので、私はこの曲で始まる曲をいくつか書き始めたいと思っています。 私はそれが終わった直後にCrytekが海への展開をして東京からカリフォルニアに戻ったので私たちはそれに名前がついているとは思わない。 私はついにボーカルサンプルの後に "Deep"と名付けるつもりです。

I go by the name Linear Operators these days. Back in the late 90's, early 2000's I went by Deka. I started producing in 2001 after DJing for about 7 years. The sad thing is like many people I lost most of my work during moves. I still have a few old songs like this one, but my sound library, sketches, everything else is gone. I guess I have too look at it like I am starting with a clean slate and know how to rebuild a lot of the sounds so ce la vie.

私は最近、リニアオペレータという名前で行きます。 2000年代初めの90年代後半に私はデカに行った。私は約7年間DJした後、2001年に生産を開始しました。 悲しいことは、私が動きの間ほとんどの仕事を失った多くの人のようなものです。 私はまだこのようないくつかの古い曲を持っていますが、私のサウンドライブラリ、スケッチ、他のものはすべて消えています。 私はきれいなスレートで始まり、多くの音を再構築する方法を知っているように、私はあまりにもそれを見ていると思います。

About the song. At the time using the pitch wheel to get these racing sounds was trendy. So I used that on my bass lead to make it sound a bit erratic. Most of the rest of the song were just stabs from some sound bank or another. The vocal was from a CD of Indian vocal samples. I really liked her voice even though I had no idea what she was saying.

歌について 当時、これらのレーシング音を得るためにピッチホイールを使用していたのはトレンディでした。 だから私はそれを少し不安定にするために私のベース・リードで使った。 音楽の残りの部分の大部分は、いくつかの健全な銀行か他のものからちょうど刺さったものでした。 ボーカルはインドのボーカルサンプルのCDからのものでした。 彼女が何を言っているのか分かりませんでしたが、私は本当に彼女の声が好きでした。

Anyway, expect some bangers in a month or two!


Thanks for reading! - 読んでくれてありがとう!

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i love this music. although I do not understand the lyrics. A great work @rt395

Yeah, buddy! sick track! very cool... just came up on my dsound playlist :-D it does seem very unfortunate that you've lost most of your work, since this one is Awesome! I hope to hear more from you, soon!


Thanks dude. It's kinda funny to listen to old tunes like that and think oh shit I hear this and that mistake, how we could have engineered sounds better etc. I am not a musician per se, but I make music.

I wish I would have had cloud services back in the early 2000's then I would still have everything.

As soon as I finish my steemit work the rest of the night is in the studio. Have about 5 new sketches I need to start polishing and filling in. Fun times!

I also didn't get the lyrics but the music was awesome


Thanks dude. My newer stuff will be MUCH better. EQed & engineered much better. Stay tuned!


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Nice work. Piece of art!

the tune is awesome although i didn't get the actual meaning of the lyrics but the music is really soothing, enjoyed it

steady ... with writing mixed .. i do not understand .. hahahha