Third Breakdown

in dsound •  5 months ago 

Dropped a new fresh E.P. on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc yesterday...

Here's the second of five tracks.

Just a funky break, no frills.

ENJOY... 😎

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Very good! I find Funk interesting, especially the technique they use. This piece reminded me of several films from the 80s, those in which the protagonists got out of their cars and were going to investigate a very important case! Beautiful women, luxurious cars and men with glasses. Suddenly our collective memory has a lot of Hollywood. Excellent sounds for this hour. Thank you for sharing

ha ha! cool.

I always enjoy reading others' interpretations of what types of imagery my music brings up. Always such a pleasure to receive such reflections and get an idea of what types of multi-sensory experience 'my' work evokes. ☺️💗

@rok-sivante, This musical piece is awesome and that is because, this music have very unique combination and that is, somewhere it have the essence of Tribal with mix of modern music. The effect is really movable. Stay blessed brother.

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Hahaha @rok-sivante. I like these booty shaking beats mate. And although I've also had my less strident moments at the time of creating music if I only knew more, everyone knows that I am more than a Boogie & Funky beast who enjoy big time freaking groovy Big Beatz tunes. ;)

Loved the music. It simply brings me to the 80-90’s. I downloaded this song and trying to mix with song Indian lyrics.

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