Thirty-Five Years...

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This is a little sumthin' that cooked up, playing around with guitar for the first time in a couple years...

AND, this is a bit nerve-wracking to share, as it's the first I've let ANYONE (minus my wife, a few minutes ago) hear me singing in like 25 years. Yeah.

But, she loved it. And she has a good taste in music. (And is always upfront about what she likes and doesn't). So, that slightly lessened the self-consciousness about releasing it publicly.

In any case... here's a fresh, bluesy, sexy jam for your listening pleasure.


► Listen to Rok Sivante's "Thirty-Five Years" on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Awesome swinging song and in my opinion you really enjoyed while singing this song for sure and we can feel it, and you have awesome voice slightly roughness which is giving an rawness essence to your voice.

And whenever we face special days that feels complete when we perform those stuff towards which we hold passion and in my opinion your music is giving an essence of completeness in the mood of your Birthday Celebrations.

And i hope that your family members also enjoyed this song because for sure no matter what they always back us in every situations and literally they stand like an pillars in life's journey and without them our path becomes tough.

I hope that in future we will going to get more opportunities to listen your songs because this piece was awesome. So keep up this amazing work and i want to wish you that your upcoming musical pieces will be great success.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Nice one.
This kind of syncopation says f**k the rules! ;-)

Lol :-D


Feeling it..... For the record I play music instrument too but the drums and little of keyboard..... You killed this jam

Thanx ☺️🙏

Cool track, Rok. You sound laid-back and I hear echoes of U2 (who I'm a big fan of). This little snippet whets the appetite and leaves one wanting more... Also can't make out all the lyrics (perhaps, you consider posting)?

Thanks man.

35 years, and 35 tears for all the time lost to anger and fear.
35 smiles for 35 times made it ‘round the sun, reset and blaaaaaooowww...

Rather simplistic. :-)

Ah, it’s your birthday song to you :) Simple, not simplistic, my friend. Wishing you more peace, courage, love and light in the forthcoming 35 years and Beyond ✨🙏🏼💫

Hello, excellent publication, your voice is very good, and the notes of the guitar are very fresh and relaxing, do not stop doing it, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to my publications, I invite you to know a little more about my latest publications, in my blog you will find interesting publications about my work waiting for you to like it. Greetings.

Thank you. 🙏

nice jungle.. you murdered it boss


(jungle...? 🤔)

It's bringing sun in my home... Love it !


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I'd quite love to flag your rep score into the gutter, though am denied the pleasure as other true heroes have already successfully done so.

Props to them.

🤣😂😄Lol.... This guys don't even learn he might not even know the implications of the downvote and he might keep doing it.

Pretty sure it’s just a bot, probably bid-bot, doesn’t give a fuck... :-/