2018!?!... wait.. hold the line!!

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Hey Steemians, Whales, Dolphins, Minnows and everyone out there in the ocean that I forgot.. I've got a #STEEMIX for you! And I'm here to share some sounds with you &
If you like bass which makes your ass wobble, tune in! Otherwise listen to some real music like Mozart or wait for my new mixes in 2018 ;) Make it YOUR YEAR! Follow your dreams & may your wishes be heard. With this wonderful platform and all you Steemians who are making it #STEEM-IT there's no doubt that we're gonna have it anyway :) FUTURE CAN COME!!.. wait, hold the line ^^

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Nice that you like it! I'm gonna upload some more soon. Still new here :) Tune in again & enjoy!! 😎

Roger... this is actually fire. keep it coming


more soon! the year is still fresh!! 😏

sir Such a wonderful and thankful work my dear friend... Actually....I'm always respect to your works

Many thanks! More is up soon. Stay tuned! 🔊 I've linked up 🔁 & #followed you 👈 Minnow power! 👊

nice. am new out here!. @petermichael introduced me to you.
Let's hook 👆.
Jct upvoted

@practicalstorm : THX! I'm also still new here.. so welcome! Followed both of you to make us all grow. Tell more of your friends and Steemians while I'll upload some new stuff 😎
#follow #upvote #resteem if you like it 👍🚀 🌍

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