Unplugging yourself from the Matrix - Denial and Acceptance

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Denial and Acceptance. I speak about denial today because we're a world of people in denial about everything; ourselves, our environment & the world around us. If anything I'd like to open your mind a little to the world around you to let a little acceptance in your life.

Acceptance = the beginning of abundance!

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Denial, ain’t just a river in Egypt!

Seriously though, we all must battle this in our daily lives, and avoid falling back on such a thing. Own up to your own reality, and face things head on. This is how you conquer life!

Accept what is in front of you. Embrace it. If you don’t like it, you have free will so do something about it and make that CHANGE.

Nice way with words, thanks for sharing!

Thank you. Yep! That what I said :)

Matrix is real, don't forget it, everything is only simulation.... so live and have fun ! : D

I sort of feel you are right in that haha

Great post my Friend! I love it! So very true regarding Acceptance! I enjoyed this post immensely! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

the truth sometimes do hurts... to be honest, perhaps at a certain age(i'm 24) i just want to be careful with my words so i don't offend the other person, but i still want to be honest because friends do deserve honest opinions and i do want to help them! To be honest, i can't help thinking about how honest i can be, some people just choose to deny the truth about themselves, you tell them something, and they would not listen and continue to babble their story. at this point, i felt like im wasting my effort so i usually remain silent and just be a listener. After all, that is what they need

Lol, can't believe a child would say "the world is against me..." , that is deep and too young for a young child to say. i mean, children should just be happy

You can be honest without hurting other people's feelings :)

You shouldn't worry about offending when being yourself. Being yourself is the ultimate thing you can do in the universe; blunting that by auto-censoring yourself dilutes what makes you different than the rest.

thanks a lot for the encouragement =)

great podcast, You are right acceptance is the path of abundance. :)

you are welcome :)

Life is about taking chances to make a better life for yourself

I would indeed agree, great job.

Levels of denial. Like so many layers of an onion, there's always another layer to peel back. Another symptom, and a method to protect ourselves from the things we think will hurt us.

Just like the younger us'es you mentioned in your cast. I think sometimes that little kid that was me knew so much more about what life was supposed to be about.

Looking back on my darker days actually makes me appreciate the bad ones I have now. They don't compare.

Bad days also bring about that self reflection you spoke of, which is so important. And changing other people? Forget about it. I try to love the best I can, and remember that the only thing that truly motivates me to change is pain. That makes it hard to judge others. Fine pod cast right here. :)

Thank you - I appreciate the comment :)

the sound tone is very beautiful :)

wow..what a nice music..i love your post.. thanks for sharing

"I accept the fact, that i accept the fact, that im accepting the fact, that accpeting the fact, is actually factual"


This is very good, I love dsound.

The programming's just deep.... so I understand the denial part, but people have to get to a point where they acrtually WANT to be unplugged. Enjoyed the post.

This is true - hopefully I can stir up a few awakenings :)

Really enjoyed listening to that and my 6 year old son came along and listened to the second half as well. He was really interested and I think some great ideas for him to ruminate on. I love the subject. I did a talk once called Hack The Matrix. Personal responsibility is key here :)

Oh lovely. Thanks for listening- Denial and Acceptance are pretty much key to opening your mind :)