Blessed Sessions 🕉️ S1E1 ft. White Owl 🦉 (WHO World Order) via @canna-curate 💚. Heady music 🧠🎼 DJ mix 🎧.

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Blessed Sessions is a monthly music podcast which will air live in @canna-curate's Discord via #GreenHouseRadio (#GHRO). Expect to hear the headiest Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Downtempo, Acid Jazz and Dub from the last several decades. Expect the mixing to range from smooth to tricky and experimental at times. Expect a good wholesome cannabis infused musical repertoire of beats and basslines for the cannaseur in you.

Blessed Sessions 🕉️: last Sundays 🕖 7PM EST


Blessed Sessions 🕉️ S1E1 ft. White Owl 🦉

Had a blast blessing the @canna-curate #GHRO crew tonight. And now I'm way too high to write any more for this damn post. Hope you enjoy the music as much as I did playing it! ✌️.


TrickyMakes Me Wanna Die
DJ WallySpace Bogey
Funki PorciniWicked, Cruel, Nasty & Bad
Le GoosterReal-izm
Massive AttackCool Monsoon (Weather Storm)
Rockers Hi-FiGoing under
The HerbaliserA Mother (for your mind)
The Mighty BopMellow
Wagon ChristAin’t He Heavy, He’s My Brother
6BloccOn The Run (6Blocc's Acid Funk Refix)
Chinese ManOrdinary Man
David HolmesDon't Die Just Yet
Flying LotusIdeas (Feat. Mapei) [Co-Prod. By DJ Mehdi]
Josh WinkI'm On Fire (Vocals: Caroline Crawley)
Luke VibertFused Into Music
Monkey MafiaThe Whore Of Babylon
Silent PoetsGoing Home (Child's View Mix By Nobukazu Takeura)
A.P.E.Lost Echo
Cam'RonOh Boy [Ivy Lab's 20/20 Bootleg]
7L & EsotericFor My Enemies
3rd BrillyanceJust For You
Zion I Aka Baba ZumbiFlyin High
Your Old DroogI Only
Wu-Tang ClanNecklace
WaleSimple Man
U-GodFame (Feat. Styles P)
Trace ElementThis is Me feat. Vinnie Paz, Bronze Nazareth & Dubbs (Produced by Anno Domini)
Third SightSmell My Middle Finger
The RootsClock With No Hands
9 Lazy 9Bad Boy
The InternetSunset (Ft. Yuna Zaraai)
Betty Wright & The RootsGrapes On A Vine (Feat. Lil Wayne)
Tommy GuerreroThe Color Of Life
Thievery CorporationSol Tapado (Featuring Patrick de Santos)
The Khromozomes featuring AbsoluteKhromozone Funk
The Cinematic OrchestraEvolution (feat.Fontella Bass)
Sarah McLachlanDirty Little Secret (Thievery Corporation Mix)
Photekshape charge
John Badrift (downtempo mix)
ACOAishyuto Ballad (DJ Krush Remix)
Bob Marley & The WailersGet Up, Stand Up (Thievery Corporation Remix)

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If you or a Steemian you know have music you would like to hear rinsed on one of my podcasts please feel free to DM me via Discord. My username is Movement19#0266. Genres I play include Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Downtempo, Acid Jazz, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Dub, House, Techno, Electronica, Jungle, Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep , Trap and anything related.



Flew Shot 💉 S1E3 via @msp-waves 4PM EST / 8PM UTC.


  • Flew Shot S1E2 MSP Waves recording on DLive .
  • Viscosity #DnB S2E1 ft. Avian Flew (SMA, NYCR) Drum'n'Bass DJ mix .
  • The Roadblock S3E2 ft. Avian Flew (SMA, NYCR). House / Techno DJ mix .
  • Hangin' with WHO S3E2 ft. Ed Forchion The NJ Weedman.


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