M19 Hangin' with WHO 🎙 Special Edition ft. Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home 🗑.

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Hangin’ with WHO is a socio-politically charged talk-show I started at WOCC Viking Radio Ocean County College, in NJ, while earning a psychology degree several years ago. Having been on college and internet radio since the 90s curating underground music genres and interviewing underground Hip Hop legends, it seemed the next logical step for my career. I’ve been a social media activist and proponent for radical social reform immersed in anarcho-agorist/socialist circles for many years, which my roster of past and upcoming guests will reflect. In addition to reporting from the frontlines of the miserably failed War on “Drugs”, a segment of each podcast will be sponsored by #EHO and cover the topics of #sustainability, #zerowaste and #mentalhealth & #wellness, in that order. Each week, the podcast will be accompanied by subsequent and concurrent blogging. The opinions expressed on Hangin’ with WHO do not necessarily reflect that of the sponsors, guests nor audience.

Hangin’ with WHO 🎙: Tuesdays 🕖 7-10PM EST


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Hangin' with WHO Special Edition ft. Bea Johnson.

of Zero Waste Home

I'm having a hard time coming up with words to describe just what it was like to interview someone as famous as she who's had such a profound impact on my life. While I am quite noticeably emotional at the start of this recording, and taking this very serious, she had a way of easing my nerves and making it one of the most fun and certainly most memorable interviews of my podcasting career thus far. Please listen with an open mind and feel free to comment any questions or input you may have to this conversation. It is an important one about a truly human and global problem we can no longer ignore. Here we discuss difficult truths alongside simple and effective solutions.

I look forward to having a Zero Waste Christmas special for 2018!

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Please take a look at the pre-show post for a more detailed account of why this particular podcast was so important to me.

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Let's hook up soon!


Dude! You a hard one to pin down...



Writing a book community building, Steemit and homeless!

But yeah you can always find me!

If wish you success in your work to promote zero waste. After moving outside the US I could really see how much I didn't need and how others in the world live with a lot less.


Thank you.

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That was a really good episode dude!!!!


Thank you so much. Means a lot that you tuned in.

Owaoo.. That's amazing dude. I loved it.

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