Carpathian Ritual - composed by Lucian Nagy ( special dedicated to all @steemromania community)

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This one it's a composition that came out in the year of 2013. It has a kind of an electro-balkan flavour spectrum. You'll hear a blend between electro elements & organic ethnic instruments. Hope you all steemians and expecially the community of @steemromania will enjoy it.

The artists that are appearing in this track are:

Stefan Olariu - Trumpet
Lucian Nagy - Composer/Arranger, Bulgarian Kaval, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Vocal & Percussions
Mircea Ardeleanu Jr - Cimbalom
Stefan Berciu - Visuals

Composed and arranged by Lucian Nagy

All copyrights reserved

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You were chosen for my 🎧 DSound TOP5! 🎧 on Sunday - Thank You!

Thanks @onetin84

Thanks for choosing my composition ... what will mean this? 100 steem winning? :-) Joking. Thanks

Regards. Hopefully you'll have time to listen some of my compositions via dsound. Regards.

Hey, your idea is great, but it's just my personal Top5 - there are so many good artists out there on DSound! My mission is just to create more visibility for DSound and it's artists, collect the best songs for my playlist and maybe others, so the ecosystem can grow further.

Sounds cool your idea @onetin84

Thanks for choosing one of my compositions ... more on dsound ... enjoy listening ... there are some videos on dtube as well

In rest ... no comment ... regarding "so many good artists out there on dsound" :-) Just a humble thought :-)


Thanks dear @elainefaye

Hope all is fine & you're playing/singing a lot with your project

All the best

Feel free to checkout the other compositions i've posted via dsound


I got your music, it's wonderful!
It has both east and modern notes. My daughter began to dance to her;)
What is the name of the musical instrument in the photo?

Love to hear that @marymik23 that your daughter is dancing on my music

Bless her & your Family

Hopefully someday i'll got time to visit Greece expecially for some master classes in eastern music

The instrument you've heard i guess on Carpathian Ritual is bulgarian kaval

I play different ethnic instruments as duduk/bulgarial kaval/turkish ney/bansuri/egyptian kawla and many others beside saxophones/clarinet/flute

Have a Blessed Day with your Family

I live in Russia ) in Greece I traveled only.
And in which country are you?
I really like duduk. It is often used for relaxation in the SPA. Do you play on this instrument?

Great @marymik23

As you've seen i'm from Sah'Arad ... I'm a nomadic artist ... but i was born in Romania. So ... somehow we're neighbours ... I do play duduk.
Feel free to check out my Balkan Village composition or all the others that i've posted via dsound. Happy if you like them. Have a Blessed weekend.

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No stress @marymik23

Step by Step


You'll hear a blend between electro elements & organic ethnic instruments

Very interesting article. very informative i learned alot.

Thank you! Upvote!

Thanks @beautifulklare

Happy you find some good infos inside

Hope you've enjoyed the song as well


I really liked that melody, thanks for the gift, excellent melody, invites to meditate, not only the instruments that are heard, but the images that the original video has, a natural beauty that varies from a sunset, to a sunrise, also the Four seasons of the year, I enjoyed all nature: trees, animals, sun, moon, stars, plantings, crops, fruits, finally I felt visual and auditory, enjoyed your gift, emotionally charged my energies.

yujomar oficial.jpg

I did not know it was the Carpathians, so I did an investigation, it's a very interesting legend.

yujomar oficial.jpg

The Carpathians are individuals who have a long life, but over time can lose their emotional and visual faculties, the woman, her eternal partner, is the one who can save him from his life is immersed in darkness.
The Carpathians can also suffer a metamorphosis assuming animal forms among the most relevant: owls, wolves, vampires.

yujomar oficial.jpg

It can also be transformed into substances such as: dust, fog.
There is a lot of information I invite you to visit this page.


Thanks @yujomar

I really enjoy your lines regarding Carpathians and their woman

Owls will help them to get them out from the fog

Regards and stay in touch

Have a Blessed weekend @yujomar

PS: Are you Shaman or just like the idea? Feel free to enjoy ore of my music on dsound

Minunat, frate. Multumim maxim pentru dedicatie!

Daca e sa ai drum de Bucuresti, da un semn. Mi-ar placea tare sa ne cunoastem.

Cu drag pentru comunitate @lishu

Sigur ne vom intalni ... probabil daca am sa ajung la Bucuresti va fi cu Blazzaj ... pastram legatura

Numai bine @lishu