Master a Meeting with Electronic Music! #9

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Prepare for a meeting with electronic music without hearing any words by stimulating the mind with the sounds of synthesizers and drums while relaxing the body by resting the voice in the head. For maximum effectiveness in any meeting from an important business meeting to a 12 step meeting to a first date, we benefit from an excited mind which is aware and free from the constant "voice" judging everything before us and trying to get our own way.

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Listening to electronic dance music like I have composed here is what I listen to before a meeting and I hope this is useful for you too! All of my music is Creative Commons Zero or CC0 meaning you are welcome to do anything with any song without any need to mention me. For example, you are welcome to play this in a live stream, as background music in a video, etc.

Watch me play the song in live in the matching YouTube video!

Listening to instrumental music like this is fun because the sounds stimulate the mind and at the same time provide a rest from our world of constant talking. Tomas George with digital music masters at helped me discover this and gave me the information, confidence, and mentor I needed to produce music with no experience starting in 2017. Tomas recommended I listen to Deadmau5 who has become my teacher in making trance music that helps me relax, play, dance, and reconnect with my divinity when my soul feels lost in fear and future.

How did I compose this song?
In Ableton Live 9 Suite, I used three instruments to make everything except the drum beats.

  1. Serum synthesizer with SynthHacker preset BassjackersElectropluck from inside EDM plucks played on my M-Audio Code 61 Black MIDI controller.
  2. For the arpeggio, I used the Sytrus synthesizer on the Chip 3 preset along with C Major, velocity, and note length MIDI effects played on my M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK IV USB Pad/Keyboard MIDI Controller.
  3. The pad comes from Morphine Additive Synthesizer using the PAD Soft-n-smooth preset on my Push 2.

The drum beats are a few of my favorite samples from the Indie Dance and Nu Electro WAV files which were part of a huge sample pack I bought originally with FL Studio 12.

Thank you for reading about my ninth song published first to @dsound and my song #31 produced since starting electronic music production in 2017 with no previous experience!

Jerry Banfield

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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The music is awesome! Thanks for sharing.....

Interesting composition @jerrybanfield it reminds me of an 80s Moog synth....I'm looking for a different kind of music project to my usual style if you're interested in a collaboration?

this is a amazing post. the music is awesome. thanks for share. upvote and resteemit done

Thanks for sharing great music

Wow...I like this music.
Thanks for sharing dsound music.
I appreciate your post.
Best of luck.

That's quite unique,you are so creative with your music.Your music is very refreshing and it gives a kind of mental strength.Thank's for sharing with us.@upvoted

Great post, useful information.

You know whats so cool, Jerry, is that you are obviously finding the joy of expressing your potential and real self. Not only with your active presence on steemit but with your music and your encouragement give to others. Makes me excited and optimistic I can do the same thing. Thanks.

Rock on JB!

Really been digging all these electronic House type beats you’ve been putting together. I’ve been in a band in the past and love music. Uploaded a few short clips of acoustic guitar covers I did in the past, but plan to make better recordings in the future once I scrap together some new recording equipment.

Keep on keepin’ on my friend, cheers.


@memesteemit thank you for encouraging me to keep going because I get afraid of giving up and reading your comment gives me hope that I can keep doing what I love in making music for years!


Nothing to fear but fear itself. Music is whatever the creator wants it to be. There is no right or wrong.

Jam on and try not to wake up the neighbors...

upvote and resteemit done sir

Nice music......

very good music I really like the music you share.

good music sir carry on


I am new into the community, but just voted for you!
Hope to keep learning and helping with whatever I can


@chasad75 thank you for joining us here and commenting! I do not see a vote by you on the post yet?


O sorry @jerrybanfield, my bad. Just upvoted you ...Some issues with the internet I don't know why this is happening since yesterday. :)

Teribble i dont thing that your major. Stay away @jerry banfield.

OK, I especially liked the part starting at 3:22

Awesome....Love it....At 4:00 min it gets mesmerizing....

Nice post...

You have worked alot on music, all the editing and shifting images and visuals, you put alot of hard work in it,. I hope it will become famous, you will achieve all the goals. :-)
These music machines are hard to understand hehe.good job.

This seems to be new age music. So much of technology have been installed nowadays but I agree with you it's primarily important that our soul and mind feels it. Our body if it's absorbing the music then it's divine. It makes you lose all your worries, pain & sorrows.. Music must be made to soothe your mind & soul, it should recreate that magic, that achievement of Nirvana.. Kudos dude

great job........good musicmix...keep it up........

great ideas of electronic music @jerrybanfield ..You are Doing great work on it...this is intresting post About dancing as well as Listening...i would Like to Resteem Your post and Upvoted you dear... and i gona Give You @witnessvote...i will Also Upvoting by you on @Bottracker sir...i will stay here for more learning,writing and building my skills..Please Visit my blog on @shan89900..


Thank you very much @shan89900 for voting for me as a witness at and sharing that you are here!

i am proud of you with all your skills, you are the inspirator that is suitable for the fans..i like you

This is interesting.

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@jerrrybanfield; you're a coat of many colors. Should we call you a walking machine? Great 👍 job! Good 😊 music!!

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You have worked alot on music, all the editing and shifting images and visuals, you put alot of hard work in it,. I hope it will become famous, you will achieve all the goals. :-)
These music machines are hard to understand hehe

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OMG Jerry,,,I thought I was the only one.Just love your passion and music expressions.This is a whole new world.Just love you work.
Amen Brother :)

This is a amazing post, thanks for sharing great music ;)

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This is dope! Love this idea. Not just the song, but the science behind it! Very cool.

would like to see that stuff on my weeding night in the soon futur, by the way welcome to all my steemit friends, welcome to our beautiful community , great work all my support for u

Hey Jerry, I was just curious, I believe I post high quality content, the problem is that very few people have the chance to see it. How do I get my post out there? how do I get more people to see it? Thanks in advance.

Nice composer @jerrybanfiel, 👍👍

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Hey Jerry you're like me... you got white man's syndrome with no rhythm :)

But hey if it relaxing and meditative more power to you, man

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Harika love

like original music that is
thanks for sharing dear
I will wait your next on

wow, awesome music sir

LOL this style of your music is cool :)

Nice your music @jerrybanfield
I really enjoyed it

I love the drum beats. This is cool enough to be a background music for a video presentation.

Hi @jerrybanfield, I'm a new steemian, just about one month. I took an advice from a friend to try getting in touch with you and voting you as a witness. More power to you.


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Just Wild Jerry

wow ,,, i really like the music ,, please follow me and upvote me.

This song was ranked first in several countries and received various certifications platinum. Australia and Sweden (Quadruple platinum), Spain (Five time platinum), Poland (Double diamond), New Zealand and United Kingdom (Double platinum).

The song became the highest-selling and highest-certified single of all time in Italy. On September 25, 2017, the song received Diamond certification in Italy, making Sia the first female singer ever to achieve such a status.

Alot of Energy. I'll say that. lol

next time, "HOW TO MIXING & MASTERING EDM TRACK" okey!!!! :D thank u

I really like it!! Thanks for sharing

just wonder how you are involved in almost everything. the nice energy you put in all you do. it's impressive and encouraging. more strnght bro

A true jack of all trades good for you jerry keep the beats flowin

Interesting composition @jerrybanfield

Music is best

owo, a very nice post friends
i always visit your site and wait for your upcoming post.
@Resteem and follow has been done.


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