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In my mind
Thoughts collide
Left without and lost in doubt
Remember being happy to just be alive
Once aligned
Soul divide
Ripped apart from light to dark and locked away for all these crimes
But you won't pray for me because I'm out of control
Pray for me
Because I'm so alone and I will atone
I can't deny my mistakes that are killing me
Hide from the truth I can't speak
Slide as I lose control
Into the void I can't deny
See you smile
Make you cry
You cower under my attack
I'm turning into something that I despise
Still alive
Dead inside
Left the path of my demise polluted with the filth of a thousand lies
Save me
Pray for my soul
Underneath I was shallow and worn, tattered and torn
Pray for me
I was reckless and low and out of control
Pray for me because I will atone

This is my submission for The Needle on Your Record Show.

@archaimusic messaged me on Discord yesterday and suggested that I check out the show which is hosted by @seveaux, @d-vine & @onemedia on the SMA (Steem Music Alliance) Discord.

You can find out more informatin about The Needle on Your Record Show Here.

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lovely tune! I liked how you put some electro elements in the song

Thank you! :)

Spectacular, very original, I congratulate you, you are great.

Thank you!

Im going to review your song on my upcoming blog post along with other 4 original songs which has been posted by musicians on steemit to Dsound! Thank you for your original content.

Siiickness with cream on top :)

I always like the song. Friend i want to listen to your song. How i get it?

Hii isaria i have enjoyed your song . Lover this one.

@isaria its terrified...but nice.

excelente!!! gracias por compartir !!!! me gusta me gusta!!! desde ya te has ganado mas un seguidor!!!amante de la musica

Congratulations, very nice letter!

Great sound and unique voice!

awesome song great vibe

I really liked the song, it's so original and that makes it great! I invite you to visit my blog and enjoy the content :)

Hi @isaria !!! My friend @d-vine linked us to this post from the SMA - Radio Audience chat ... She does have excellent taste in music! I love the mix of metal and electronica you put into this track!

everything you do is spectacular