Fables from the Table- Stoner Edition (W/ STOP MOTION ANIMATION)

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Greetings DSOUND!

Hope you are all having a fantastic start to your April and are all holed up making some musical madness!!
Infamous IT here with a special tune for you all today!! My friends, @drfunk13 and @avesa, and I decided to challenge ourselves musically. So we agreed on a theme, and them brainstormed diff things associated with our theme, we could make some sort of noise out of. We went around and recorded all the noises we could out of these related items, and then using some sound design and Ableton magic, we turned it into a song. That wasn't enough for us though.

We then recorded the whole thing and made a little video out of the whole experience!! This includes a bonus little STOP MOTION ANIMATION OUT OF ALL OUR ITEMS USED!!

Check out the full video in all its glory on DTUBE: d.tube/#!/v/infamousit/jfwydm7d

Thanks for watching and stay tune for our next session where we make our own sounds and beats!
Feel free to suggest a theme!!

The Infamous IT

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)
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this is mad deep! thank you! 100% vote

your skills are very good in comparing my music I love your music, I like it

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