Frontline [#014]

in dsound •  11 months ago 

Here's a track from my second album release, Gas Mask Replicant. The track is called Frontline, and was written using some cheap synthesisers I picked up of Ebay. I think there was a Yamaha SY100 playing the FM bell kind of sounds, and there's a Jen SX1000 in there somewhere too, and I think a Roland JX3P which was pretty beat up and had to be sold on. Anyway, hope you enjoy it, the album's on Spotify if you want to hear more...
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cool retro sounds mate, kinda industrial this one :)

Thanks Turtle! I'm pretty low profile at the moment as Summer is getting the better of me but trying to keep posting. Will be visiting your posts tomorrow...

enjoy it while you can mate :)

Nice track, just goes to show you can make decent sounds with cheap stuff from eBay - they are decent synth if in good nick...I should probably get around to fixing some of my old gear (just as I typed that I inadvertently kicked a knackered Korg DDD-5 that is under the desk lol)

Thanks! I sold most of them a few years ago when my Son was born and I needed the space (and the cash). I'm rebuilding my studio now though!

I'm trying to do the same rebuilding my studio gear at the moment, but I keep spending all the money on bass gear instead of the studio hardware it was intended for (e.g. I need to upgrade my mixing desk...but that shiney new bass guitar looks and sound really nice lol)

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