Credits 4 Love

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Hello, My topic is a soundtrack to a love movie. I tried to create something new for the Beat Battle R5 S 2

The idea - as a credits music to the end of the film

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Wow wow what a magical beat.

You create such a vivid uplifting atmosphere in the first 0:32 and then introduce those awesome sounds and we are off.

Love how happy this beat makes me feel. It is no doubt an awesome way to end a movie espeically a love film where you want to carry those emotions onward after the film.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beat I really appreciate how this beat takes you to a magical place. My soul thanks you.

Thanks again for being apart of the community.

I must agree, 'uplifting' was the prevailing emotion I took away from this. @fairy-kingdoms brings a sound to our cohort that expands our horizons!

Ayyy rightttttt I love it. What a cohort of sounds and talents we have in the community absolutely incredible.

No one could have possibly imagined the variety of sounds from everyone, especially when thinking this all to a specific prompt!

Righttttt it's incredible. Gotta love the Universe :)

It's simply beautiful. I can see the credits rolling in front of my eyes and there is so much heart in it!!!!!! An amazing track fairy-kingdoms - it speaks louder than any love poem