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I had set out on the night to do some music. I intended on turning the poem I wrote a few days ago into a slow jam and found (in my opinion) a sultry beat. Something erotic and sexy. As fate would have it, it didn't want to fit just right. But, I loved the beat and was having fun, so I refused to throw it away and search for who knows how long for another one. Some of you may recognize this, as I did part of it in Krakow on stage with @edprivat. Seemed to fit pretty well and once I started actually 'singing' to it, it came out great! Well, I think so anyway. I'll let y'all be the judges and do let me know if the levels are ok. I checked them on three different speaker systems before posting this, but my ears aren't yours. Enjoy!

Soon as I come through the door
All the ladies make haste and congregate on the dance floor
They start flocking towards, hoping to score
A tantalizing taste of heaven that they heard about before
More and more keep hopping over, to where I'm sittin
Each of them wishing, to be my next kitten
They crowding around me in their bunny slippers
Shaking their money makers, honeys dripping on my zipper
They know - I'm not afraid to crack her in the back room
I got the knack to smack it anywhere they want me to
I don't need any liquor, champagne or a brew
For the courage to spit at a dame that's beautiful
That's why I find it funny, and kinda ludicrous
The way that y'all fall for alcohol just to get a kiss
See, I won't take advantage of ya if ya got the weakness
But if you got the freakness - Lemme know you feel this.


So let's get straight to the point, one on one I'm smooth
I'll get ya all hot and bothered, get you into the groove
I see sweet sultry lips getting slicked for sly moves
Delicious dips in hip huggers just a swingin like oooh
So what you want me to do
In this personal note, from me to you
Feeling kinda like a freshman in the dating pool
You know I got lotsa hot thoughts startin to stew
So what you wanna do?
There's no regrets in my life
And I've heard that variety is the most savory spice
A taste of me and you'll learn, I am one of a kind
You cannot sooth the burn as I set fire to mind
I adapt quickly and I'll cater to your needs
I can whisper sweet nothings and do the dirty deeds
Trash talk if you're nasty behind the scenes
Or maybe romance, reveal your desire to me.


Come out of your shell, I can tell, I'm in your head
I can smell it in the air, the scent of gingerbread
A peck on the cheek, my tongue tickle your neck
I know what women want and I know what to expect
I'll inspect your gadgets, you ain't got to say a word
I caught the body talk, don't think you weren't heard
My ears ringing and buzzing like a hummingbird
I'll be Justin time to satisfy your craving for sure
I've got your cure, just be patient and see
C'mon over here, and accept my ecstacy
I am the extreme seductive sexual fantasy
As I deliver you deep inside with my sensuality
So come on strong, baby girl, you belong with me
I do whatever you want, and whatever you need.


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I love it, sir Witty! :) So YUM!

Thank you sweets! Scrumdiddly😋🤗

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My 4-year-old son was sitting on my lap while I listened to it. Halfway through I decided to put on earphones in case he asked me what those words meant. Haha.

Great one. You composed the lyrics so well... I would need to practice few times before able to sing out without entangling my tongue. 😜

Ha! Yes, good call on the earphones, Jadeline. 😉 I took a tip from you and put them on before listening. 😆

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Thank you sweetness! Glad you liked it and dig the lyrics. Sorry there wasn't any kind of warning on there to say hey, this might be too hot for some listeners :P

Yep, you sure did make that work. And now I know all the words, some of which I missed on night of Steem, though I was definitely caught in the rhythm of them, then and now. I’ve never quite gotten over how cocky hip-hop can be, yet it somehow still reels me in... that irresistible confidence... especially when combined with a sense of respect for the subject at hand. Well done! 😎

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Over half of it didn't come out until after the actual performance😋and as for the cockiness, idk, maybe it's the testosterone that courses through me that's given it life in mine. Glad you dig it mama, 🤗🤗

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Well done my man you are in the wrong trade you ever considered's a good back up in any case

Lol, more of a hobby my man but thank you, appreciate that!

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Hobby's can go a long way you never know...Cheers :)

Hello @enginewitty, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Most welcome and thank you for finding me amidst the massive sea of artists!

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