You Could Be The One by Ed Privat

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Hey all!

This is a song from my first album "Neo", it's called "You Could Be The One". and it's a song that at the time was inspired with Jeff Buckley "So Real"

Here are the lyrics I hope that you enjoy and have a great week

You Could Be The One by Ed Privat

I met you at the petrol station You told me with you southern accent "let's go buy some spicy chicken" you, you could be the one
you take my hand, notice a ring on my thumb keep asking myself,"yo what's going on" let you talk about people that sounds, all the same, you,

mmh you could be the one, yo
I am alone again. here you are but I am all alone again
Finally you start asking questions The charming date turn into an interrogation I am getting bored touching the screen of my phone You,you could be the one It's getting late why don't you sleep on my couch you're smiling at me, I see a sign of attraction Arriving there, you fall asleep on my bed You, you could be the one
I am alone again. here you are but I am all alone again
Early morning, you already gone, what's your name girl from the petrol station i am getting bored meeting the same old person You, you could have been the one Not an empty shell

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It was nice to see your post after a long time. Your Music very interesting.!

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Thanks friend!

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A nice song heart felt lyrics nice to hear 💯🐒


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Thanks helope cake!!!

Hey man,

J'espère que tout va bien pour toi :0)
Et que tes projets se déroulent comme tu le souhaitais.

Je passais aux nouvelles.
A bientôt!

Oui, on arrive dans le sud de la France a Toulouse mi Octobre. Je veux trouver des concerts direct et obtenir mon intermitance au plus vite!!! Des bises !!!