Maserati: Abracadabracab from the VII LP (space-rock, electronic, post-rock)

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Man vs. machine was the dominant theme of the entire VII LP (extended forward at least in spirit onto our latest LP, Rehumanizer) and no track embodies this more than ABRACADABRACAB. Like it's namesake, the iconic Genesis track ABACAB (which ironically was just an acronym of the structure of the song itself) this track relies upon drum machine meshed with acoustic elements to create an otherworldly but still somehow "classic" sound. The middle breakdown in particular was a total joy to capture. We wrote tom fills on the Oberheim DX ... half the drum fills to be precise ... then lugged five concert toms into an enormous church next door to the studio in Louisville. Late at night after the church had closed we captured literally -hours- of Phil Collins-esque tom fills as counterpoint to the "machine" fills the drum machine was spitting out. Couple this with a healthy amount of bubbling synths and some Jupiter 8 / delay guitar interplay in the chorus and wallah. Welcome back to Duke-era Genesis! Not a bad time period to mine!!

You can purchase the VII LP here:

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► Listen from source (IPFS)
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Ok, so this one got me. The textures are right what they need to be. Normally electronic music is kind of "meh" to me. Which is weird, because there's nothing I'd rather make than GOOD electronic music. I tried here..

Looking forward to what's next...


Like anything else, electronic music is just a direction or classification. In the end, what matters is memorable melody and hooks!