Steemit BLOCKCHAIN HOUSE MIX Collaboration Part 2

in dsound •  last year

It is my absolute pleasure to step up to the decks following outstanding @iamevilradio opening section and add my touch to this organic and intriguing endeavour none other than #steemithousemix.

First part:

For my part I dove straight into a deep end and provided a little sampler of the kinds of sound I admire - murky, raw, introspective, melancholic, bittersweet. I realize it's an early part of the mix, so I kept things in a contained energy with a brief flash of destructive vibe quickly mellowed out by a wave of a heady wrap-up section. I hope @armageddonparty finds an inspiration in both of our takes and I am excited to see all assets of House music represented on this, I can already feel, amazing mix.

All tracks featured are from up and coming producers and hopefully opens up new talents to listeners. Recorded live on Traktor setup.


AfroQuakeR - Turpial

Mononoid - Orbit Rain

Orion - Karhea

TANTSUI - Rainyman

Yeah But No - Sand

A little about selection: mixing out of @iamevilradio's section with a brisk change of mood, anthemic breakdown and immediate foreshadowing of the things to come with Turpial, getting deeper and dubbier with Orbit Rain only for a brief moment of submerging into the atmosphere then to get things a little more chaotic and rough with an edgy Karhea. The aggression and steely sounds are not allowed to take over and Rainyman quickly subsides the coarse flash and returns listener to discrete and organic sound that follows up with the closing tune for my section that opens up fully with vocal parts and leaves a continuation of the set open ended.

Thank you so much for listening and can't wait to see how this mix keeps growing and evolving!

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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hey @deeptechhouse, do you have this uploaded anywhere else? Doesn't seem to be loading or downloading anymore?!

Hmm great I like it and enjoy your post dear


Thank you :)

Highly rEsteemed!

Join us @steempunkradio 😎🥓


Thank you @frankbacon!