Grunge (Instrumental Version) - Music by Davood Faramarzi aka (DavidFar) - Next time with my vocals

in dsound •  last year  (edited)

Artist : Davood Faramarzi aka @Davidfar

Title : Grunge

This track is a work that I produced it days ago and its ready for my vocals, I just have to write a fit lyrics for it, listen and enjoy guys! this has a Nirvana mood of chords in it but not the same work. all the lines played with Banshee SGR 6 Guitar.

As I always wanted to be a grunge musician and singer, I played and produced this track and I hope I can finish it with a good lyrics and vocals, its not the first grunge track that I've produced, I have many different tracks in DAW which I didnt released, I always looking for the best thing to release, so I care to have a good lyrics and a good performance then I will release them.

all the lines played with Banshee SGR 6 Guitar.

Photo is me when I was in high school, there we started a rock band with one of my friends (a critical Band against Society problems and Government forces and limits), and that was a shoot my friend did when I was in his house playing with his guitar. unfortunately life changed his way and now he became a worker (but I know him as the first metal guitarist and rock vocalist in our city who had much knowledge in this limited place when nobody knew what was Electric Guitar he was teaching Metal music, and his artistic name was Shervin).

peace & Love!!

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i really need you to help me with a track for james for unity4j the action to free assange in the future because he likes to have a more energy track with guitars like in the remix of kill the messenger ;)

Hello seveaux!

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That's really great brother, I will contact you in Discord :D

YEEEAAAHHH BROTHER THIS COMPOSITION IS GREAT !!, minute 1: 58 I love how the guitar comes in that part, greetings brother, a hug!

Heyyy :D thank you so much bro!! I have to record my vocals for this track, then it will be better, this is why it has empty parts, thank you so much for the kind feedback!! :D <3

if brother, with your voice it would sound much better ... by the way bro, I have published a new work if you want to give yourself a spin so that you give me your opinion and do not go to judge me so ugly ajaj remember that I do what I can with my old computer cartoon HAHAHAHA, greetings my dear brother.

you look like Elvis in this pic ;)

:D Thank you TygerTyger

Oooo! I like!!! It'll sound bitchin' with your vocals on it! And you do kinda look like a young Elvis in that pic... ;) Haha! Great job dude!

:D Thank you so much Rochchickjen, I was 18 years old I think haha, I hope I can done it well, really thank you, and our collab is in the process, waiting for Thomas's Drums

You did amazing! And I heard, Thomas said that he was almost ready to get some drums on it!!! Super stoked, man! I think that's going to come out awesome too!

That's great :D Im waiting for it, it will be a great collab! \m/

Chilled warm relaxing energy! Crisp beats and kool guitar fuelled vibes! Nice 1 Davood! :)

Really thanks Clubfungus :D

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