Converse-bridge (original poetry reading) [Day 87]

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—original poetry—
(with audio recording)

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across the plaintive gap
bursts a ghost of birdsong,
yellow protestations of innocence,
and celebrations—
in a pyromanic arc.

bright complaints and fickle assertations,
thought zippering in flowered convolutions.

rougue philosophies and the yearning
to be,
even faintly,
in all our transcendent and blasphemous glory.

   even through shapeshift – lime dragon –
   sylph bursting from its webbed crypt.
   sculptures of water —
   gazing through the warmth
   of life's prism'd heart.

twined aether,
a burst of colored sentiments
building a new foundation
mind-mottled with promise.

paving the delicate means
to project our dreams of flight:
lurching firmament of destiny.

holes cleaved in life's cloak,
that ambiguity and beauty
may filter through—
in soft and wretched spirals
of life's light.


the_bridge_by_cathleentarawhiti-d5np7g4 3.jpgin_quietness_by_alectorfencer-d6rjeuw 2.jpgdreamscapes_autodesk_hero_challenge_by_alectorfencer-d8vm5fr 3.jpg

Written by
@d-pend on 6/2/18
Images by

1 — "The Bridge" by CathleenTarawhiti
2 — "Dreamscapes Hero Challenge" by AlectorFencer
3 — "In the Burning Gaze" by AlectorFencer

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dreamscapes_autodesk_hero_challenge_by_alectorfencer-d8vm5fr 2.jpgin_quietness_by_alectorfencer-d6rjeuw 3.jpgthe_bridge_by_cathleentarawhiti-d5np7g4 2.jpg

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Un-amazingly-believable! I found my self in a transcendent state of no Time, no Space, no Matter, but pure Energy as I perused through your "Converse-Bridge." Spellbound was the feeling. Impressive, I must say. Keep 'em coming...

Been a while I visited your blog, I don't usually spend time online, been so busy. I should say I have missed reading from you.

First what should I say about this piece of yours🤔, this is amaaaaaaazing, the imagery is superb.
The words are like beyond physical comprehension and into fantasy or let me say a dream.
This is amazing bro, nice to read from you.

Good work great art and poems i upvoted if you like abstract art check me @chupapic

Nice to listen to that amazing poem well written :)

You are creative poets because can make poem very famous to our. I like it

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