CryptoBasic Podcast: Karim's Fireside chats #2 - History of Codes and Encryption Part 1

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It’s the return of the FireSide Chat, and this time we exploring the history of codes and encryption. These episodes take on a narrative style, exploring historical concepts through the stories of the people who shaped the world we live in. We look at the development of writing as a means to process information, the techniques which evolved in order to protect that information, and explore how statistics revolutionized the world of encryption. It’s a history geek-out, but we promise there’s no homework!

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Great episode! Love how far back into the depths of her evolution of human language you went! Great work!

Karim... I absolutely loved this podcast. Your research and explanations were fantastic, as ever.
However, please, please, please, do not attempt to do a upper class (or any type of) British accent at the start again.

Rest of it was fantastic though.

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