Jazz Head Practice No. 7 - All Of Me

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Jazz Head Practice Project by Trumpet beginner. I could not play fluently especially on the genre "Jazz" though, I keep playing and practicing for someday when I could play it like Chet Baker who is the reason why I have started to learn Trumpet. (Yeh, I know the day would never come.)

YTR-8335GH(Trumpet) with Cup Mute through AT2035(Mic)

All of me

그나마 같은 D key(Bb Trumpet 기준)인 Fly me to the moon 에 비해서는 상대적으로 Chord Change가 빈번하지 않아서 좀 더 코드톤을 염두 해 두고 솔로를 할수 있었다.(그렇게 생각하고 녹음을 했는데 막상 듣고 보니 정신줄을 놓고 내맘대로 불어버린 곳이 상당하다...)

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