DSound is here; the decentralized IPFS + STEEM based SOUND platform

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Steemit is getting all better. After DTube; the decentralized video hosting for Steemit, we now have DSound - the decentralized sound hosting platform for Steem!

DSound is here; the decentralized IPFS + STEEM based found hosting platform

What is DSound?

DSound is a new website built on Steem and IPFS; DSound supports multi-user login and facilitates easy switching between them.

Authors can choose to display a download button or not, however content can still be downloaded by uses through other ways.

DSound was built by @prc and the concept is similar to DTube as built by @heimindanger.

Technologies of DTube

Similar to DTube, DSound is built on IPFS and Steemit.

DSound.audio hosting works the same way that DTube works and will be hosted IPFS with the help of @nannal.

With no local IPFS nodes, the system will have to pay for remote hosting on IPFS and the @dsound account was created to collect 25% of author rewards to help pay for it.

DSound is built with React and these other tools;

  • js-ipfs-api - Communication with the IPFS Network
  • SteemJS - Communicating with the STEEM Blockchain
  • autolinker - Adding links to descriptions / comments
  • moment - Displaying times
  • XSS - For displaying untrusted texts and preventing XSS attacks

Control of the project

@prc does not intent to control the system as he is a believer in decentralization and autonomy.

Roadmap of the project

DSound is already great but lacks some feature and @prc hopes to soon implement them.

  • decentralized search engine
  • playlist sharing and playback function
  • mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • custom player for social networks
  • social media sharing function

Integration with other platforms

DSound can be integrated into other Steem platforms; json_metadata is used to store the IPFS and sound hashes. Intrgration is similar to DSound:


Copyrighted content

While @prc forbids pirated content, he does not intend to implement any strong censorship measures. Users will be expected to use the service responsibly.

How to use DSound

All you have to do is to login with your Steemit login and posting key. @prc forbids that users use their private key or password to login as a security measure in case the site gets compromised.

After logging in all you need to do is to upload your audio to the site -  just like your would upload videos to DTube.vieo.

Good news of DSound

Now musicians, composers and sound engineers can also fully participate in the Steem blockchain party.

How DSound mimics DTube

DSound resembles DTube to a great point as both of them are built on the same technologies. Even the official announcements look so similar.

Here are the words of @prc

If I can help to make this happen, I will be the happiest man on this planet, because…“Music is what feelings sound like”

Resources for DSound

Read the official announcement post

Visit the DSound website

Visit the @DSound account

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That is a really cool idea. Your post is heavily undervalued. Make sure to promote it so that more people can see it. I resteem it!

Well, the announcement was received very well, I am sure this one follows up soon.

Brilliant! I will be a big supporter! Upvoted, followed and resteemed! Thanks! =)

yay ! steemit becoming the place for writers, journalists, and now musicians !
This sure is worth promoting :-D

Great dsound and good job..!
upvote plz

DSound was built by @prc and the concept is similar to DTube as built by @heimindanger.



Great job..!

Thank you! Currently i'm absorbing any knowledge about DSound and you give me a first overview, my full upvote!

great job !! i visit @prc profile and DSound website !
sounds great
bravo @prc and thanks for sharing this @blockrush

Great! Thank you! Today I had a discussion with my wife, telling her that I am looking for a opportunity to upload music to the bockchain. I only had the idea to do it via DTube. And now - o wonder - comes your post. Upvoted & resteemed. Good luck!


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well done @prc and @heimindanger. lets see what will be next

Not sure if it's been discussed anywhere or already assessed, though wonder if it might make sense at all to transition over to EOS' storage at some point, given there is bound to be synergy between EOS and Steem...


PLEASE post instruction how to use IPFS on Mac! thanks


Yes, I too have ipfs bc everytime I try to upload, it locks up and doesn't upload. I have ipfs installed but don't know how to connect to the daudio and upload etc. thanks

This is a musicians dream come true. Everybody is a winner here. As a musician I always wanted to find a way where the fans also gets a return for their appreciation and support. Thank you.

Amazing idea: Everone is a winner here.

hey there....i tried to upload some of my latest tracks but it wont let me....network problems they say...you guys have similar problems? do I have to install this ipfs thing? thanks in advance!

Hi @blockrush, I want to post on dsound but it won't let me log in. I'm using the correct key... any advice?

Does anyone know how to make DSound work on an iPhone?

I can look at the page but I can’t play anything. It works fine on my laptop. I press play and nothing happens.

Will the music be deleted after a while, like Dtube?