Adam Kokesh and Richard Rider discuss California Secession

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Yesterday US Senator Jeff Flake said, “This country is being ripped apart here.” And that is true. The federal judiciary has been given so much deference, and it has arrogated to itself so much authority, that the threat of Kavanaugh being installed as the next member of the Supreme Court terrifies half the country.

Today we had a panelist on the Right and a panelist on the Left, yet they both adopted libertarianism, an ideology that says that the federal government should not have the power to impose either of their own beliefs on the whole USA. And both support California’s effort to win independence from the USA.

Before the Civil War, the federal government did not interfere in lifestyle issues or social engineering because the states guarded their sovereignty. There was a balance of power. The desire of the party in control of the federal government to infringe on state sovereignty was restrained by the fear that a state would leave the Union if its sovereignty were infringed.

The only thing drastic enough to force Washington DC to permanently accept the restraints of federalism is the successful secession of a state.

Published on Sep 29, 2018

Here are notes from the call:
On the call today we have Adam Kokesh. Adam Kokesh is a well-known Libertarian and anti-war political activist who has announced plans to run for President in 2020 on the platform of an "orderly dissolution of the federal government." He has been famous for his activism on gun rights, and his book "Freedom: creating a more peaceful, productive, harmonious world by dissolving government", and for the show "Adam versus The Man". He’s been endorsed by former governor Bill Weld. Adam, please let us know how we can connect with your campaign and your work...

Richard Rider was Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of California in 1994. In 2009 the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association named him “California Tax Fighter of the Year.” He is alife long Californian who says that it would be good for America to get rid of California and that he is willing to move out of California and move to America if it becomes a nation. Wow, Richard, is that true? How can we access your blog?

  • Adam Kokesh: Why do you think America might favor the idea of California leaving America
  • Richard Rider: Why do you think America might favor the idea of California leaving America
  • Adam Kokesh: Looking at the conditions you see in America today, why does it look like America needs an orderly dissolution
  • Richard: You live in California, yet you are willing to leave California if Calexit happens. Do you feel that California is not like America any longer?
  • Adam Kokesh, please explain “"We don't have to be forced under a single government to be united in American values." [anglosphere, special relationship]
  • Adam/Richard: What percentage of people who call themselves libertarian (with a small l) already know that state secession is legal and Constitutional? How has your dissolution idea been received?
  • Adam Kokesh, Do you expect that states would form federations? What kind of partnerships would you expect to form between states?

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I wish Florida had seceded when the other secession movements were a lil more common. If California left the US I'd be fine with that. lol

Be fine with it? Hell, I encourage it. Good Riddance Cali.

If it turns out good (and its very likely that it wont turn out good for Cali if it secedes), most states that would have seceded would have had a significant upper hand economically (and in somecases in regards to personal freedom & civil liberties) against the United States; Like Texas & Florida.

I agree though, see ya, Cali!

Let’s discuss the @adamkokesh campaign threatening innocent men, women, and even children, and plotting cyberterror campaigns/potential physical threats against anyone speaking out against his campaign.

Warning, folks. He’s another scammer using “liberty” as a storefront to collect money and gain influence and power.

Here ya go little man, a nice video for a troll to help you with figuring out what is real and what is made up in your soft head.

Why do you keep commenting on my physical appearance. No, I am not as big as you. That much is clear. And that has nothing to do with this.

This video contains a direct admission that the screenshots were authentic by a top campaign staffer. Just skip to around 52 mins.

So, thank you for sharing the truth about that much, at least, in spite of the fact that the whole rest of the thing is a creepy smear video.

If one State ought to secede, it ought to be Texas imhv, after outlawing communism/socialism and their unlawful actors.

I'd like to see California as its own country

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