Yuno - Grapefruit | Live Drum Cover Performed by Carmen Carangi

in drums •  6 months ago

Part 2 of Carm's Night at the Ric Rac

I really enjoy all of the production work I've had the opportunity to take part in recently. I had always hoped that my passion for music would spill over into the work that I am doing with the @stateofanarchy

And thanks to good ol' @PatrickALeach, it has. The man in super enthusiastic about my musical side and is always finding ways to incorporate it into our work. Music videos are so much fun to make, and to get to produce them 100% from performance to editing to mixing and mastering is something I've always wanted to do, and now i finally am!

And it's even more Fun & Rewarding than I imagined.

Follow your Dreams Bitches!!

I was just hanging out with @PatrickALeach and @MarkPassio at the Local Punk Dive Bar Connie's and it just so happened to be Open Mic Night. So Pat and I decided to capture TWO Live Performances that evening! This is the second number!

Always Live Life in the Flow Lane <3

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This dude is sick! His drum style is hip-hop af, which is a hard thing to find in a drummer these days.


@elamental dude thanks!!! Totally would Love to drum for any and all of your hip-hop artists if they need stix this year at Anarchapulco!