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RE: New steem user onboarding, you won't believe the math!

in #drugwars4 years ago

It sounds very interesting and we wish you all the best. If watching us will help you in any way, we will be happy about it.

Delegated SP will have to do for now. We hope that it will encourage users to start using other dApps, publish quality posts, and socialize with other users by commenting on content. That way, they will earn SP and actually do what they are expected to do on the blockchain platform. In a way, we are "encouraging" them to be active and earn their own SP.

I will command my pet bot to award you with 1 DWD token, just be careful. You never know if he will be naughty or nice so take his words with humor and enjoy your token!



Well 3sp won't allow them to do anything. Go ahead and create yourself a new account with 3sp and see how often you can post or comment. So if your thought is they can use DW and other apps that will be an issue for sure.

This is why the addition of the ability to delegate RCs is critical to the growth of Steem. It should have been available from day one when the entire RC system was put into place. Once this is in place the Steem blockchain will be a much more inviting place to newbies IMO.

Oh and thanks for calling in your pet!

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