New steem user onboarding, you won't believe the math!

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Who says the math is hard? People who are behind drugwars certainly do not think so. In a world governed by social media, worldwide communication, interaction, news, sales, and revenues are all impacted by mass usage of those platforms. What does this mean for crypto, especially steem? 2.65 billion people were on at least one social media platform in 2018. How can we tap those huge numbers and divert some traffic to blockchain? The answer is simple. Blockchain platforms need to provide something that those 2.65 billion people will find interesting. In order to do that, a lot of psychology and market research is needed to pinpoint key elements that social media platforms have and blockchain is lacking. Or is it? The main reason why people turn their heads from blockchain is that it seems too complicated or too boring for the adoption of masses. This means that it is not user-friendly and fails to offer something interesting to a "regular Joe." What if there was a way around that?


One of the biggest parts of social media platforms are games. Those games are played by a huge number of players around the world and bring vast amounts of revenue to the platform. They are shiny, easy, and fun. They are addictive. Gaming is the portal that should be used for bringing new users to steem. The math of stepping through that portal is easy. FUN + FAST = SIMPLE. FFS system is the key to mass adoption and new onboarding of steem users. We need to offer people a fast way to join the blockchain platform, and that way needs to be fun in order to be interesting. If something is both fun and fast, simplicity becomes the obvious description of the process. Since some social media platforms are planning the creation of their own cryptocurrency, steem has little time to take its opportunity before the train leaves our station and the opportunity window is forever lost. We need to be the first who will introduce people with crypto. If we miss the chance of being the first crypto contact, it will be much harder to become the 2nd, 3rd, and so on. The time for action is now. FFS system that drugwars will be using is the first colossal step in building the bridge between existing social media platforms and blockchain.



Drugwars game has implemented a login system where players can log in with their Facebook and Google accounts. Up until now, they were able to play the game and earn cryptocurrency with their playing. The logical next step is providing them the option to actually withdraw that cryptocurrency and trade it on the market. This is our last step in the "playing for money" story. Users can now login with their social media account, play the game, and easily withdraw everything that they have earned. Drugwars will create a steem account for every social media user. Since Steem Engine is connected with steem, the withdraw process will allow users to safely take their earnings from the game and trade them on the market.


For every player that has logged in with social media, Drugwars has created a steem account. When a new player logs into the game, the process of creating his steem account will be automatic. A new player will get the info about his account as soon as he logs in for the first time. To see the info, a player needs to click on settings in the left menu. The main screen will open on settings automatically, but there will be three tabs above it: settings, steem, privacy. Clicking on steem will open the information about the account.


Steem username, posting key, and active key information will be provided. The username will always be visible while the keys become visible once a cursor is put over them. Users who have logged in with their steem account, will not see this screen. Only users who have logged in with social media will have this screen.

Withdrawing funds

These keys can be used to safely withdraw the funds from the game to Steem Engine platform where they can be traded on the market. As with any other token, the price of DWD on Steem Engine is determined by users and it depends on the demand. To learn how you can withdraw your funds, we made a detailed step-by-step tutorial for you that you can read here: Tutorial - withdraw and send tokens. Once a user withdraws his funds, he will need to log in to Steem Engine with the steem account that dugwars has created for him.

Additional help

For a lot of players who will come from social media, drugwars game will be their first encounter with the crypto world, and most specifically the steem world. Drugwars team is planning to offer additional help with detailed guides and information about what steem is and how they can use the blockchain platform. We will guide new users in steem usage, not only drugwars usage, and help them in learning how to sell steem, purchase steem, publish posts, comment, upvote, use dApps, etc. There will be a special channel in our discord server for new steem users and a detailed document which will help them on their crypto journey. We plan to be a kind and patient teacher who will provide basic information, answer questions, and give links to other places where they can learn even more. As being their first encounter with crpyto, we will take our role seriously and responsibly because we know that the first impression is often a deciding factor between staying or leaving. FFS system of doing things will be our most important rule. To make it fun and to make it fast is to make it simple.




Having more users on steem blockchain benefits everyone, especially those who have tokens on Steem Engine, as drugwars has. The value of steem and the value of tokens on Steem Engine increases with demand. That demand increases if users are familiar with the blockchain and use it on a regular basis. Our main goal is to have an absolutely fantastic and fun game for our players which they can use to earn cryptocurrency but it is only natural that our second plan is to introduce them to the blockchain platform and make them stay on it. Drugwars has been preparing for the mass adoption and will be ready to take on the role of the portal to steem for any new user that will come from social media platforms.



Well isn't this a thing of beauty! More clowns to onboard!

We are looking forward to seeing more clowns!

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hi , how do one get on 'fundition' list for upvotes ?

@zen-art You folks are doing an EXCELLENT job with this game. I am THOROUGHLY enjoying participating in the game as BOTH a player AND a marketing guy. My ""Steem Monsters" + "Drug Wars" - Power Strategy Tips" (most recent weekly post :

"Steem Monsters" + "Drug Wars" - Power Strategy Tips #24"

has been hitting BOTH the #steemmonsters and #drugwars trending pages, primarily as a result of investing 2,000 DEC (Dark Energy Tokens) into the @steemmonsters "bid-bot". By trending, the deep analysis I am doing into BOTH games it getting out there and being appreciated by my readers, and @drugwars is benefiting from that.

Here's an additional idea. How about having @zainenn do a proper, full-on tutorial series on "Drug Wars & Steem". He can demonstrate, through his personal activity on BOTH Steemit and Drug wars how the two "entities" interact. Viewers will be able to clearly see that he has credibility when they visit his Steemit profile page, and he can essentially act as a more PERSONALIZED "tour guide" for Drug Wars and Steemit. As a marketing guy know that video is ESPECIALLY effective in terms of marketing "reach", and I think such videos would go FURTHER than other media. For example, video plays as embeds in Tweets, etc. I suggest you create a new YouTube playlist on the main Drug Wars YouTube account and then build this tutorial idea one video at a time over the coming months. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this idea...

Well, since it did not work the first time, let's try it again.


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Why do you spam this thread, @dwd.chameleon?

Hey boss,
When we will start gang job?

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Solid recovery, drug wars. The job battles are very cool as well.

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Thank you very much, DW will make steem big!

Nice move

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I'm very interested in seeing how this plays out as I have an idea to implement once we get SMTs and my thought was each person would need an account dedicated to the community I plan to start. Goal is to run it without a care in the world about Steem itself other then it being the engine that drives everything. It will be a completely new front end that will show none of the other content on the steem blockchain.

New accounts needed as the goal wouldn't be to earn steem or other tribe tokens, purely the token of our community. If they happen to get Steem votes so be it, but that isn't the purpose of our niche community. Stay clear of the political nonsense, flagging wars that are about to start up, and instead focus on quality content related to our niche.

So to see how people use these accounts, if they mind the account names assigned to them, and so forth is all very interesting to me to watch.

See each account is being delegated 3 sp, do you feel that will be enough to play the game without any issues? Also once the ability to delegated RCs is available are you planning to switch to just RCs?

It sounds very interesting and we wish you all the best. If watching us will help you in any way, we will be happy about it.

Delegated SP will have to do for now. We hope that it will encourage users to start using other dApps, publish quality posts, and socialize with other users by commenting on content. That way, they will earn SP and actually do what they are expected to do on the blockchain platform. In a way, we are "encouraging" them to be active and earn their own SP.

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Well 3sp won't allow them to do anything. Go ahead and create yourself a new account with 3sp and see how often you can post or comment. So if your thought is they can use DW and other apps that will be an issue for sure.

This is why the addition of the ability to delegate RCs is critical to the growth of Steem. It should have been available from day one when the entire RC system was put into place. Once this is in place the Steem blockchain will be a much more inviting place to newbies IMO.

Oh and thanks for calling in your pet!

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.

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Will the Steem accounts you issue for the players coming from social media all be prefixed with 'dw-'? Good luck!

Yes they will. You will recognize a steem user has joined the platform through drugwars by having that prefix. Players will be able to use other dApps with them too, of course. If players so wish, we will guide them in creating their own steem acounts with different names and help them in any way we can, on their further steem journey.

So will players be able to choose dw-somethingtheycanremember vs a string of nonsense? Think it would be highly beneficial if they could.

I can not definitely say that it will not be possible in the future but for now, no. They will not be able to choose their steem account name. They can choose their drugwars account nickname and change it once a month. As for their steem account name, it will be generated for them.

I think this is a major detail. I get why you take the prefix DW-, but they should be able to choose their own name after the DW- prefix. I bet this will be very important for people... I mean who of us here does wan to post as "398623089723#ztz" ?? New users will likely not use this the way they could... so I say good initiative and plan, the DW prefix is fine but people should be able t chose their own username and I believe this is very important.
You should also make clear how important the keys are and that they should securely save it and print out etc...

That's good - So the nosy people like me can scan the database to see how many accounts you are creating and how active they are :D

Yes, keeping track of the statistic will be easier this way ;)

P.S. you do deserve 1 DWD for such an interesting question. Just take the words from my pet with some humor, you never know if he will be naughty or nice ;)



I actually just bought a couple on the back of this news :D

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SM does it too but allows the user to chose the steem account name, now DW-XXX is not bad, just HARD to identify to or even to remember

Yeah, really positive signs imo. The nice thing about 'dw-' as I've mentioned above is that it's easy to run some numbers on how many/how active they are :)

So they will not have their master key. Anyway this is a good idea. I cross the finger on it.

Nope, no master key. For a new user who comes, having a lot of keys may seem complicated. Since we went with keeping it as simple as possible, only two keys (with explanation for their use) seemed to be the easiest approach for now. They can use those keys for trading on Steem Engine, using dApps, posting on steemit, etc. If they will be (and we hope they will, of course) interested in having their own steem account and learning about the blockchain, we will provide any necessary help and guidance.

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Wow. Thanks.

NEAT! This is what we want - normies playing a game and slowly getting pulled in/on the Steem Blockchain. Great work!

Yup, and we believe it is the best approach to bringing more users to the blockchain platform.

I will call my pet bot to award you with 1 DWD token, just be careful because you never know if he will be naughty or nice. Take his words with some humor and enjoy your token!


Chameleon said some nice things about me! :D Fun! Thanks and keep up these great developments :-)

“There’s something in you that the world needs.

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I like your idea!

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