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RE: New steem user onboarding, you won't believe the math!

in #drugwars4 years ago

Yes they will. You will recognize a steem user has joined the platform through drugwars by having that prefix. Players will be able to use other dApps with them too, of course. If players so wish, we will guide them in creating their own steem acounts with different names and help them in any way we can, on their further steem journey.


So will players be able to choose dw-somethingtheycanremember vs a string of nonsense? Think it would be highly beneficial if they could.

I can not definitely say that it will not be possible in the future but for now, no. They will not be able to choose their steem account name. They can choose their drugwars account nickname and change it once a month. As for their steem account name, it will be generated for them.

I think this is a major detail. I get why you take the prefix DW-, but they should be able to choose their own name after the DW- prefix. I bet this will be very important for people... I mean who of us here does wan to post as "398623089723#ztz" ?? New users will likely not use this the way they could... so I say good initiative and plan, the DW prefix is fine but people should be able t chose their own username and I believe this is very important.
You should also make clear how important the keys are and that they should securely save it and print out etc...

That's good - So the nosy people like me can scan the database to see how many accounts you are creating and how active they are :D

Yes, keeping track of the statistic will be easier this way ;)

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