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Dear Steemians,

You all have probably heard of @drugwars game. It launched and was one of the Top 5 CryptoGame played worldwide. Here is the address to sign-up.

It used to pay rewards in Steem before it stopped and then a lot of us left the game as they saw no more interest.

At first, updates were very frequent and it slowed down during the past month. Nevertheless, a few news get me very excited.

  1. Drugwars Dollars will be implemented on Steem Engine, therefore we will soon be able to monetize some of the progress in the game. Link:
  2. Drugwars communicated that a big update is coming ! We will soon be able to hold a gang territory, this will bring new missions (and rewards) as well as a new phase to the game: GangWars.
  3. This is great because in order to get players involved and increase the value of the token, you need ot have a competitive landscape where you are willing to buy this token in order to be stronger to fight other players. It is a kind of risky investment where you invest for a future reward if you succeed.



If you didn't join the platform yet, use my referral link and I will send you 100k of each ressource (Drugs, weapons and alcohol)

Believe me this will help you to kickstart and progress quite rapidly

This game has the potential to increase the overall value of Steem as Steemmonsters was able to do so.

If you use my referral link, just comment below and I will send you the ressources to get you started as well as a FREE Upvote.

Best, @vlemon

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Play on a fair STEEM CryptoGaming website!

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Join this new Free To Play on the STEEM Platform !

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I'm on it but there are a lot of things I don't understand. I just do it for fun.

hello friend thank you for sharing this information I will be registering to try my luck

registrada amigo ingrese

Still playing, can I send you some ressources ?

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Great to have you onboard ! Upgrade your silos, I will send ressources when you need it 😉

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okay thanks you

Hey @vlemon. It seems like everything is moving towards needing to join a gang to make REAL progress into the future. Would you like to start a gang with me, or are you already in a gang? Maybe I can join the one you are in. I applied to one or two gangs but didn't get a response. Let me know your thoughts...

Hi there,
I saw you on the platform a few times, I thought you had stopped playing.
I am in « MERCE », you should apply if you feel like joining crazy mercenaries 😂.
And yes I think a gang is going to be almost mandatory in the future.
Take care my dear.

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Can you help me get into the Merce gang? I have applied to a few different ones but noone let me in. Let me know. Also, I followed that link to the Steem blackjack (KryptoGames) and have been playing blackjack all day. Will just play today to try to break even. Wish I had not followed that link, because I had a lot to do today and now I am spending too much time playing that. I wish there was a way to just deposit a larger amount (for instance, 100, 200, 300 Steem and then play that out before cashing out (to Steem wallet). The way that have it now, where you need to clear every transaction individually ins a bit tedious. Like with I simply make a deposit of BCH and then play the game (which is more fast (realtime) than the Kryptogames system) and withdraw winnings to my BCH (Coinbase) account. Do you know if KryptoGames has a feature like this?

Haha! I ended up playing Kryptogames BlackJack for several hours today, and finally ended up UP by 60 Steem (60 Steem x ~ $0.30 = $18.00 USD). Not bad for simply an EXPERIMENTAL try at the game. It's nice to see a proper (well, with the exception of having to confirm each friggin' transaction) BlackJack game, which used Steem, on the Steem platform. I will likely NOT indulge my tendency to go overboard with gambling by playing this one again, but I WILL write about it in my next series post on SteemMonsters and Drugwars. Thanks for sharing that. You enabled me to earn 60 extra Steem and expand my knowledge of the Steem blockchain at the same time. Kudos for that....

Indeed I also believe it is a nice one with a good fairness ! And you forgot to mention the Gamers you will earn worth probably 6-7$ so 20 extra steem ! I am glad I could make you aware of this game using Steem crypto.
I agree with you that the constant login is quite annoying. We should clearly make them aware of this.
Best, have a great weekend !

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HI. Sorry, I missed the "Gamers". What is that, and how do I earn some?

By playing and being in the top or just by playing! You can stake and Kryptogamers will give 70% of its profits.

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Okay. Sorry to bother you, but am trying to get my head around this. On my "GAMER tokens" page it states that "GAMER issued" was 552546.25, and "GAMER balance" is 52546.25. It provides me a field to "stake" but when I enter either of these above numbers and click through with SteemConnect is it rejected. However, checking my Steem Engine account I DO now see "52,546.25 in GAMER", worth $0.23, BUT ALSO "330 Good Game Token" worth a much nicer $2.87. Are BOTH of these tokens a result of my BlackJack play yesterday? Also, do I need to do anything on the "GAMER tokens" page to "stake" anything? Also, does the profit only come in on the same day you play? Or is there a residual? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks for bringing this new dApp to my awareness...

I did not know about this update. Finally we will see bigger progress. I'm already in LaFamilia gang, but thanks anyway

Glad to have been helpful ! I will see you on the battlefield then ;).

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I guess so ;)

@vlemon, Just logged in through your Link. Before it was unfortunate aspect that they left Steem Blockchain but let's hope that this time they will come up with something really game changing. Thank you so much for your kind opportunity. Stay blessed.

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I lately heard it is no fun anylonger. A few big gangs who take over the whole place which makes it hard to start. What is true about that?

Some parts could be true but as long as you have storage capacity they cannot really hurt you. You could even join them if you feel threatened .
I would give it a go !

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Thanks for answering/the tip. I will consider it. 👍🏻

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Thanks for the invite bit I already play.

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Ok.. but will this new implementation will be worth something? I mean, can we actually make some profit on our accounts by playing Drugwars?

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