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The first gang boss was as scary as Marty was expecting and he did get the point that his boss was trying to make but something was still missing from the big equation. Marty could not put his finger on it but something was different, very different, almost as if he had woken up in a parallel Universe this morning where the obvious was finally going to be revealed. The only question was what was the obvious...

"You have been staring through that window for a while now. Anything troubling you Marty?" The boss was always around like an omnipresence you could not avoid.

"What did you do boss?" Marty asked fearing the answer he would hear. It was a mix of fear and hope and Marty was awkwardly balancing on that emotional line.

"I have done what needed to be done. I always did."


The Drugwars team hopes that you are all enjoying your summer. It did roll in hot with high temperatures so be sure to stay hydrated and avoid exposing your skin to Sun without proper protection. Some of you have already gone off to your vacations and some are still waiting to hitch a ride to that seaside you've been looking forward to. We are still here and have no plans for the summer except working. There is a lot of things that need to be done and so many upgrades and new stuff we plan to finish by autumn that resting is out of the question. The first thing to scratch off our list? Drugwars dollars on Steem Engine. Nope, that was not a typo. After listening to our users, associates, speeding up plans, and carefully going through everything, a decision has been made. We are leaving Obyte and Future token in the past and stepping into a brand direction for Drugwars. A direction that many of you have been asking for and looking forward to, we are embracing our steem family.



We would like to take this opportunity and thank the Obyte team for everything they have done. Our cooperation with them has been great and we will never forget how useful and professional they were in all our joined operations. Having Future token listed on exchanges and everything that followed has greatly influenced our development and we are glad that we chose Obyte for that part of our journey. Now it is a perfect time to make another turn and say our farewells to that cooperation and start a new one. Every step in Drugwars development is a part of our story and it is bittersweet for us to turn this page and start a brand new chapter that we are sure our users will enjoy as much as we will. Goodbye Obyte and HELLO STEEM ENGINE!



Future token is not only changing its name but changing its location too. It will no longer be tied to Obyte wallet but to steem instead via the services of Steem Engine. We plan to make the full switch in the next month so you will have plenty of time to get accustomed and ready for the airdrop.

What, when, and where?

Drugwars dollars will be tokens listed and tied to Steem Engine. You will be getting your rewards exchangeable in steem engine. Until we make the switch and implement Drugwars dollars into the game, you will still be able to use and trade your Future tokens for the next month. There will be an airdrop of Drugwars dollar but to be able to participate, you will need to have your Future tokens in the game and not in your Obyte wallet so make sure you remember that (we will remind you too). You will not be able to get Drugwars dollars in the airdrop for Future tokens that stay in your Obyte wallet. Before the airdrop happens and you get Drugwars dollars for your Future tokens, you will be informed about all the details and we will be here for you along the way to help you with the process.

We are happy that this part of the journey finally came and that our plans of having a mechanism of converting drugs into dollars and having a dollars/cash resource is here. After opening the game to players from different platforms such as Facebook, this is a logical next step in introducing them to the crypto word. All our players will be offered a steem account and we are looking forward to being the first mediator between fiat and crypto for many gamers that will walk into our Drugwars world.


As if he stepped through a magical portal, Marty knew he found himself in a new and exciting world full of potential and possibilities that were waiting to come to life. He was aware that this meant he would need to work even harder but he was looking forward to it. In this world, even Marty had to say goodbye to his old-self and embrace the wonders of an improved and enhanced Marty 2.0

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Ah, yes the Down W/ Clowns are perfectly ok with this. We welcome the Drug War dollars. Thank you!

so.. there is still hope!

Wow this is good...i will have to share this in my own way to draw attention. Welcome back to steem

Now this is getting interesting.

We can sell "drugs" on Steem Engine to buy buy Dark Energy Crystals for Steem Monsters

This is the start of what will be called "inter dimensional gaming". Definition: You can move resources, items, characters, etc. between games.

Thanks Drugwars

I have to admit that this does sound interesting and I see how it may be beneficial for those who enjoy different games. However, the details about how exactly that idea will be possible and doable will come soon so stay patient until then and enjoy playing both games!

Yup! I have been writing about this exact issue, and how to do it properly (strategies) in my ongoing series : https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@transcript-junky/steem-monsters-drug-wars-power-strategy-tips-18 This is a great move. Unfortunately, after I got the initial airdrop of 2000 FUTURE tokens when they launched, I got them into my Obyte wallet, but then when I tried to send them to my account it wouldn't go through. I posted about it and noone was able to help. Then a few days later my hard drive totally melted down and I didn't realize that I needed to backup the Obyte wallet. Oh well, stuff happens. But this new airdrop takes the sting out of that. So basically we should probably focus on accumulating as may FUTURE tokens as possible until the airdrop, right?

That is amazing!

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an airdrop based on earned Future Tokens ? The spent FUTURE in the past are get calculated within the Airdrop?

more details about that please.

As we have said in the post, more information will soon be available with all the details and we will make sure that the airdrop is logical an fair. Stay tuned and thank you for playing.

i want more details about it too, cause we spent FUTURE, and who stake and dont made the economy walk will be more benefitiate

It wouldn't be fair to do it that way would it?

isn't it fair that people invetested in that game get somethin back in an airdrop?
looks fair enough in my opinion.

It's impossible to play, all the higher level players who benefited from the double exp event just kill all the small players. There is no way to protect your units being destroyed by someone 10-20x your size, and they get rewarded for it. They can rebuild their loss from the fight in minutes whereas a new player needs a day or more to even rebuild what they had.

Will you be addressing this issue?

Absolutely @martiallee. You have to either split gang play and individual play into two completely different realms or reward the most daring and biggest attack winners with all the rewards. The game is too much "drug-gang-infrastructure" and not enough "Drug Wars."

Exactly. Why would the current strong players risk huge losses when they can farm new players for free. There needs to be encouragement for more fighting at the top, perhaps also discouragement from fighting someone many times smaller.

Most important question right now. The game is useless to play as is. There are no checks for the gross imbalance in player levels. The fight mechanics must be fixed.

slowly spend your time upgrading your silos

That's the only thing that can be done. Try to upgrade any buildings. Fights are a waste until they figure things out. I would like to see them open the missions and jobs so there is something to do in the game.

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How do you upgrade your silos when you can't get resources as your units are 100% wiped out several times per day?

big attack.png

Took over a day to recruit that and it's gone in moments, then each time it's back up to around 100 units another 3,000 - 5,000 roll in again.


Totally agree. It seems like the devs have never played a browser game before. There are a whole bunch of simple fixes, why they haven't used any is beyond me!

This is a good point you brought up. They should restrict players from attacking weak players. Like there was in Clash Of Clans. You should not be able to bully a player for long enough. There are certain flaws in the current battle system which make the game unplayable for the weak once if under attack.

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They need is a way to limit multiple attacks per day or discourage attacks with reduced rewards against greatly weaker players. That is of course if they want a bigger player base, their plan could be to setup an environment where they control all the farming, it wouldn't be the first time someone has done it.


Great! Excellent news!
What total supply drugwars dollar? What price of it (=usd)?

That is info that will soon be available (this is the announcement, more details will follow), thank you for staying patient until then and enjoy the game!

How to send future tokens from obyte to steem engine?

@lordkingpotato, you can not send future from obyte to steem engine. As @otage has explained (thank you for that) you will need to move Future into Drugwars game and then those Future tokens can participate in the airdrop.
@trayan there are always people ready to help you with that if you lack resources for transfer. So far, whoever asked for help in our discord has received it and I have no doubt that it will be the same this time too.

thank you, @zen-art! ;)
gonna come in...soon..

Do you have a link please @zen-art, to the discord? I left a while back :P

No problem at all, here is the link to Drugwars discord: https://discord.gg/SHv7gj

The article states that you must move all your Future Tokens into the game before the switch and they will airdrop the new Drug Dollars token in game to you. From there you can move the new tokens to Steem Engine once that link is established. Don't leave any Future tokens on the Obyte Exchange or they will be lost.

i think i cannot send them back because there is some minimum for transfers... and some taxes i couldn't cover in 0byte..

Just ask for help in the Drugwars discord in the "0byte help" room. They will send you the balls you need to transfer. Ifyou still need help, please let me know. I will do all i can.

Can you please write a post on how to move your FUTURE back into the game. I'm sure many would want that. A not technical person would definitely need a step by step screenshot post.

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the drugwars team are always updated and giving us a new interesting news. Well, it will be easier if it's on tje steem-engine because we are always there on steem.

good luck @drugwars and have a nice day..

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Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your enthusiasm and kind words, keep on enjoying the game!

I would consider a buyout via the new token(to scale based on all of the following later mentioned) in that new token to comp accumulated resources, buildings, units and then have all players start over again at zeroes across the board. People/gangs that accumulated a lot can use the currency to rebuild. I would also include in every single leveling up some amount of this new currency-so people also have skin in the game, at least some or time spent earning that currency however need be. I would also have much more substantial payouts for bigger attacks and virtually nothing that falls shy of a certain level (pay the top attack winners with a combination of upvote and currency-maybe even have an upvote token in units of 0.25% or something like that). Keep the resources not able to be bought that is what makes this game different. Also segregate gang/individual activity. If you are an (indpendent-no gang affiliation) individual you may not attack or be attacked by a gang member and vice versa. That would be great start at rekindling a ton of interest back in this really cool game that had the economics and growth get away from it. I would also consider "cash shields" or make them available at some point so every single player does not have to check this thing as religiously as we did in this version to avoid getting whacked if were away from a computer for 24 hours for example and have to start an army over again.

Welcome back to STEEM.

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exactly ;)

This is the step in the right direction for sure. I'm looking forward to this.
Drop in the largest and only Steem-engine token discord and say hi when you can!

Welcome back to your official home, now you are doing the right thing

Welcome back to your
Official home, now you are
Doing the right thing

                 - monster-one

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Better late than never.

Glad to see you using Steem engine!

You guys have taken 'agility' seriously, changing things quiet often and now Future is a thing of past ! Good that some folks had converted Future tokens to Steem.

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Great to hear that! Steem-engine is awesome!

Cool news! Excellent plan.

Greetings, @drugwars.
Nice decision

Can we rob enemy's SE account? lol

fun game.. I have to spend like 5 minutes a day upgrading.. probably another month before I do some real battles ;)

Dear @drugwars, thank you to come back to Steem, i already moved my futures on my account to wait the time of airdrop and for sure this is very good choice to move out from this awful obyte wallet...

I cannot figure how to transfer tokens back to DW. I sent a test of 1000 over 30 minutes ago and nothing shows up. Everything is clear as mud.

"Obyte" means "puke" in Korean. hmmm...how interesting.

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Now that I tried moving my tokens from my Obyte wallet back to the game, I have no Obytes left so I can't transfer anything. What now?

This is awesome news .
I have stayed active on drugwars hoping this day would come .
Steem is awesome and it was only a matter of time before drugwars returned to their real home on Steem .
Doing an awesome job guys , keep it up!
Have an awesome day!

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I have about 5k future tokens in my byte wallet that I can't get out lol. How do we exchange them for steem-engine do I need to transfer the future tokens back to my games account?

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Haha, same position I'm in. Maybe someone will be nice enough to send us some Obyte.

I heard that people are helping out with that, I think the DrugWars discord is the best place to ask for a quicker response

Thanks @martiallee, I got some help :)

Can you tell me how you send them back to the game? I can't find anything about this 😂

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In the game, click the link on the left that says "Market". Then go to the "Deposit" tab. There's instructions there. Looks like this.


Thanks! I see where to do it now but I have no byteball, I got the airdrop last year and it releases in a few days so I'll just wait 😘

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Do you mean you don't have enough for the transfer or that you don't have your wallet set up? If you need enough to cover the transfer I can send it to you.

I have around 28k FUTURE in my Obyte wallet, but no Obyte so I can't transfer it. I don't suppose someone might send me enough Obyte for a transfer?


Not sure how much that is, but it's gotta be pennies. If someone sends it, I'll upvote your comment and I imagine that should cover it.

Now this is a great news after so long. Would appreciate if you disclose the terms of the airdrop also. Like will it be based on just the number of FUTURE tokens you hold or clubbed with resource production and army size too.
Would be helpful if you add a post on how to move your FUTURE from 0byte to the game. I'm sure many would need that.
Long awaited move finally shaping up.

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You guys rock.

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What kind of security will users have by putting all of their FT back into the game wallet with these soon to come updates, will users have a way to be guaranteed their tokens? Can users just swap them out in the exchange menu to keep both sides of the transaction safe?

Also few days ago it was like 889 TF for 1 STEEM, now its 929 FT for 1 STEEM. What is causing the price to move if the USD price of STEEM is lower today than it has been recently?

Haha. You guys do everything ass backwards. 😂

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Excelent News!

Hey @drugwars I have not received any help from you, I told you on discord that I have send 18k future tokens to my account and they never arrive, whats going on with this game?