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RE: Jobs, heist, and more...

in #drugwars4 years ago

Curious about what you mean about players who are stronger or weaker then you. A player who has never recruited troops and only upgraded their drugs might have way more upgraded value then someone who just started and recruits troops to attack right away.

So is this based on army size or what?


If I answer this now, it would ruin the reading of the next post for you :D Spoil alert: it will be a fair system that will especially help those who feel how "the big ones" are attacking them. Stay patient, details about this are coming in a day or two, but you do have good questions and your interest in this matter should be rewarded. I will call my pet bot to give you a DWD token, just be careful. You never know if he will be naughty or nice so take his words with some humor and enjoy your token :)


“I’m so proud of you. I just wanted to tell you in case no one has.

Here is 1 DWD token for you.”


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