Drug Wars – Tokens and the next drama

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Drug Wars


Here we go again.

I‘m asking myself now, what the devs are actually planning. Every change they are announcing is causing the whole community to raise up against it. It’s a mess.

The tokens from steem-engine are quite new and I wrote a couple of comments answering @cardboard regarding the @tipU token. It’s an interesting topic, so it was fun to plan and think about tokens there.
If you haven’t checked it out, you definitely should. Will be an interesting token coming there.
Btt: He is doing a lot of things right. Informing just about the question what everybody is thinking and what the feedback is. Then it’s a simple answering and implementing process. It’s not hard to process those answers into a good solution.

I have even found a post from 2006 regarding change in a company and informing the customers:

To do it bad there is only one way: Announce it right before it, then just do it. Or don’t announce at all, works too.

Despite that, we got that major change now, replacing the Steem rewards with tokens. It seems that the majority of the playerbase is against that decision and it is easy to determine why.

The token has no value.

The tipU token? It’s backed with SP so it’s actually generating profits, which are distributed to the token holder.

The “Future” token? It’s the reward now and you might be able to spend it ingame. I fail to see any reason why this token should have any value bigger than 0 Steem.
Only a small minority wants to buy upgrades in Drugwars just for the fun of playing it. With the rewards being paid out in tokens, we will have a overly big supply with basically a really small demand.
There might be some benefits of holding the token, but planned right now is only the replacement.
It’s only mentioned that we might be able to exchange those tokens.

I’m one of those 90% players who got their money back. Only buying drug production upgrades until it wasn’t it. That happened 1 ½ weeks after the release of the game and ended with the nerf of the cocina price.

It’s kinda sad to see the game heading this way. It was a good idea and it might have worked. They never said that there was a ROI to make to begin with and they stated that they aware of those problems regarding the payout.

But this solution isn’t one. It would make more sense to airdrop the token to the player base, pro rata their drug production (basically to tokenize the drug production) and then paying the reward pool in Steem to the tokens owner.
After that they can set different goals to get those tokens which will pay out the reward pool, which is still feeded by the payments from ingame.
With that it could be based on more than just a simple production value and it would still pay out Steem.

Also why not enabling a share feature where we can create a whole post about something with a small beneficiary. Not just a small image but a whole post. Add a topic suggestion there so they are starting to share some useful information.

  • “What is you favorite unit and why?”
  • “What are you upgrading in which order?”
  • “What is next feature you want to see?”
    and so on.

The small beneficiary in the end can be calculated and be rewarded with tokens once again. 10% beneficary and the reward pool received 5 Steem from that 50 Steem reward? Hand out 5 Steem in token to the posting person.

The player is following and upvoting the @drugwars account? Airdrop some tokens based on participation.

In the end, nobody is expecting that @drugwars is generating Steem out of thin air. They have to get some Steem to be able to pay out some. The only way of generating income is by selling upgrades or get upvotes on posts Those reward won’t be big or enough to close any gap, but at least it would make a small difference over time.
With some different changes, absolute transparency and listening to feedback from the community they might be able to get out of that misery, but I get the feeling that this drugwar is coming to an end quite soon.


Drug Wars
Want to try out the game on the Steemit blockhain? Check it out!
My ref link: https://drugwars.io/i/takowi
Here is the normal one btw: https://drugwars.io)

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Man drugwars has been fueling the drama!


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I wish that they would get a sponsorship so that it's more profitable to play the game, but if it ends it ends. Not much can be done at that point.

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