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Attention friends, this is important information.
I hope that the witnesses and the whales will react as quickly as possible.
Yesterday, @drugwars said the creation of a future "Future" token for the distribution of rewards in the game @drugwars. This is their development strategy and personally I am for.
But I understand that some do not think like me, and they expressed regret and disappointment.
However, there is a scum. This is @beggars. He shouted yesterday at the scam.
We can regret the strategy @drugwars but we must not forget that the SMT are still not there and I am that if the SMT was already a reality, we would not have been there ...

But this is not the most serious ...

THE MOST SERIOUS, it is that this villain has for the moment creates a false future chips and that it winds to the people. See for yourself. Do not make friends ... and beware of this jerk.


Yeah I saw those tokens for a second I thought it was the DrugWars Future tokens until I looked up the info and saw the creator was beggers and not someone I recognized from the DrugWars team and just as I had thought this morning DrugWars announced they had nothing to do with that token in the DrugWars Discord.

Stay safe everyone!! Don't get scammed by this free airdrop... How horrible it would be to wake up and see you have been sent some free FUTURE tokens on Steem Engine.

Here are the facts:

  • Nobody is being asked to buy FUTURE
  • It's a joke and a statement to highlight the incompetence of Drug Wars
  • All tokens listed for sale in the market are from other people who have been sent FUTURE tokens
  • Many of the buy orders on Steem Engine are from me buying OTHER PEOPLE's FUTURE tokens. If it was a scam, why would I be buying the tokens back with my own Steem?
  • A lot of people have received FUTURE tokens (yourself included) and were not asked to pay
  • Reiterating, nobody has been asked to buy anything
  • In your own post, you post a screenshot with the token info which has my username. Anyone familiar with Steem Engine knows you can see who created a token...
  • Get over yourself and take a joke

You're a poor, sad, invisible, little man.

Mary, I appreciate the effort to inject yourself into this issue, but this is not your fight to get involved with. Go back to your Drug Wars battle spam.

I'm also not poor. I am rich in FUTURE tokens. Would you like to be rich too? Let me brighten your future, Mary.

You are not a man. You are a jealous, a thief and a liar. You can downvote as much as you want. Do not worry, the world is small. I dream to meet you at the next steemfest see if you have as much ball as behind your screen...

You are not a man

Did you just assume my gender? How dare you.

You are a jealous

Of what?

a thief

A thief of what exactly, what did I steal?

a liar

What did I lie about?

You're using a lot of words, but they don't mean what you think they mean. I really do suggest you head on over to and learn a thing or two about the proper definition of words before you use them. I am hereby revoking your Steem licence, although, you never even used it really anyway, considering your last 18 posts before this one were Drug Wars fight spam...

I dream to meet you at the next steemfest see if you have as much ball as before your computer ...

Are you threatening me? I can almost guarantee if we met at Steemfest you would not do a damn thing. All talk. Keyboard warriors like you talk a big game, but in real life, they're just little puppy dogs who are too socially awkward to even look me in the eyes.

Ok lol see you in there !

Dude I do not want to argue with you but I will give myself the trouble.
1 / @drugwars declares wanting to create a token that will be called Futurs while staying on Steem (because the SMT still does not exist)
2 / You create on Steem Engin a token called Futur and you start sending them to people.
3 / you stop criticizing the game while you play it.

So either you are a guy who has nothing to do with your life and you want to piss off the others, or you want to scammer. I chose the second option.

I personally know the people at @drugwars and I see the flow of criticism from people like you (I do not know you that's true but it's not a reason). Thanks to this team the best radiation of our blockchain steem in front of all other projects. It's still incredible that you do not understand that you're "shitting in the soup" as we say in French.

Here I tried to make a constructive answer, unfortunately I would also say to you the eyes in the eyes: you do not deserve it. You have no respect for the work of others.

Last point, this same team worked for one year on the project fundition with 0 income, we did not see you encourage them. As soon as they create a project that will pay a little, we see you land: that's why I treat you jealous.

If you have arguments I'll listen for the rest good continuation to the @drugwars team, @fundition, @hightouch and all the others ...

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