Now I am Yakuza Capo!!

in #drugwars3 years ago


Dear Members

thanks to our boss @kobusu now I become capo of our beloved gang Yakuza!

This is for me very important, because even it is a game, I spent a lot of my time building an user with over 6m of safe deposit on all productions and be able to get and from gang battles the amount I can use for gang development too!

As capo of gang, I can upgrade buildings and accept new members on gang, but for it I will need to get some informations about player, you know we need active players, not who are just getting benefit from gang and do not do anything or any kind of trojan horses!

Thanks to @intellihandling member answer I discover now there is a new option as bunker to save some troops, because I was too many time destroyed by another gang members and my feel was not to build again a troop after loose months of troops development.

Anyway now for me as capo, is much more important to be active player and develop my gang, now we are stable on 6th place at 46, the first is at 53, so too far for us, but not so far from 4th position which is at 49, so lets do our best my friends!


I'm glad, that in our gang such a cool member. Btw did you use discord? Join to DW channel, here is our gang room.

Dear boss, could you send me link of it? when login message me #6601 will give you access to the room

Thank you boss, I joined with very big pleasure!

Congratulations on your promotion

You are welcome my friend! Another active member will help us to develop more, good choice boss @kobusu!!

very interesting this game, I've tried to play it but since I only have a top cell phone average, I find it very difficult, because everything looks small I congratulate you, what a good achievement and if I can play it on my device, I hope you give me place on your team Congratulations.

wow thats cool,i bet you will really enjoy the game...

I played this game once but it was really hard playing from mobile device, if i had one laptop i really would have tried much longer.

I hope you will regain your investments in this game, I trust you. I want to be included in this game. My preliminary research for this continues.

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