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And a fork fork here, and a fork fork there. Here a fork, there a fork, everywhere a fork fork. Old McSteemit had a fork, F-O-R- and -K... Now that the forking times are behind us, and we can continue along our wonderful gaming journey, a new batch of freshly baked news about Drugwars is ready for you so put those reading glasses on. Forking has unfortunately tied our hands at some times, so we now have much ground to cover and give you all the details that you need. Are you ready?


We would like to thank our players who were so lovely while the game was going up and down during the last couple of days. We were dealing with issues as they came up, but while the blockchain was down, so were we. Thank you for being patient and waiting along with us. Now that the dust has cleared, we are prepared to move on and present you with some new and exciting stuff in Drugwars.



We mentioned prestige in our previous post, and we told you how we will give you more information once the season starts on 5th of September. Yes, today is the 5th, and season has started. Well… "Almost started" is a better way of putting things. We decided to make a pre-season and test it out. This will not only allow you to get use to the new rules of gameplay, but it will also allow us to see what things can be additionally improved.

How will it work?

All your prestige (previously called reputation) has been set to 1000. That number will go up and down based on who you attack. If you attack players who are equal or higher than you regarding their drug production, it will go up. If you attack small players with drug production lower than yours, it will go down. Of course, this will depend on the number of units you actually kill. If you kill no units, it will remain the same. Some other things will influence your prestige too. We are planning to implement that almost your every action has some sort of effect on it. Since this is the pre-season where we will be testing things out, you will not always know what we did, but you will see that your prestige has changed. Do not worry about it. It will in no way affect anything in your game. However, if you attack small players it will always go down, and if you attack stronger, it will go up. This is the only thing that you should have in mind, for now. We are thinking about awarding some of you once the pre-season is over, and before the actual first season starts. That way, we will award the best of you who have already developed the habit of honorable play and "attacking someone your own size." We will keep you updated on how our works on the prestige will be going on.

Spoiler alert: once the first season starts, your prestige will have an impact on your daily rewards too. You can call it a reward philosophy or a punishment philosophy, it doesn't really matter to us. Whatever you decide to call our vision for prestige, rest assured that players who will play fair will benefit from it while those who will not, well... The logic is pretty simple.



We are preparing a grand battle system that will be (we were never modest anyway) the best in the entire gaming Universe. Yes, it will be huge and a bit (a lot) different than it is now. BUT. There is always a but, isn't there? (but our butt wears a thong and is sexy as hell) Our but comes with adjustment and being comfortable with new things. Since the big implementation will come in a few weeks, before it does, some features of it will come earlier. One of those features is units fighting in clusters. Just as rowdies were fighting in groups of four, now all units fight in their respective clusters.

What, what? In the…

When you go to your bootcamp in the game, you will see that every unit now has the information about its cluster. That number represents the maximum number of units in a cluster. For example, Gunman fights in a cluster of 1500, that means that if you send 100, 750, 1000 or any number of them up to 1500, they will fight together. If you send more than 1500, 2000 for example, there will divide into two clusters. This implementation not only follows the logic of real life where people do not go into battle one by one but in groups, it also represents one of the great features of our new battle system where you will manually move your units during the attack… Oh crap. Did I just say manually? Silly me. I must have had too much of that Drugwars alcohol. Never mind. Forget I said anything ;) Just trust us that the new battle system will be something never before seen in the gaming industry. For you old folks who are afraid of change like it has teeth, you will still be able to go into fights with the system playing the fight for you. But until then… Enjoy units who fight in clusters and remain in your eagerly-awaiting-for-the-new-system state. It will come soon. Just do not forget to use the simulator before an attack. Learn the ropes.



Just when you think that we can not find another way for you to get some more DWD tokens, we come up with something new. So far, you were able to earn DWD tokens from your drug production, killing the population of Drugwars in battles, and investing in the heist. A new, fourth option is now available. It is our DRUGWARS LOTTERY!

How do I play?

Each day, 5 DWD will be the initial lottery prize. With each ticket that is bought, the prize goes up. You can buy as many tickets as you want, 1, 500, 1000, it is up to you. Since the ticket only costs 0,001 DWD, all of you can afford it. The prize, on the other hand, is huge in comparison with what you have put in to buy your ticket. At the time this post is being written, the prize is 294.205 DWD tokens, but we are sure it will go up until the day is over. Yes, you can buy a ticket for 0.001 DWD and win 237.5 DWD tokens. We have one lucky winner each day, and if you want greater chances of being that winner, buy more tickets. It is a simple and small investment that can possibly give you much more in return. You just need to be lucky enough. The name of the winner will be put in the lottery info for everyone to see and be jealous of. Good luck!

We have found the way to pick the winner in the fairest way possible, by using the blockchain itself. At midnight of Drugwars day, we take the last steem block and then we recuperate the merkle_root of the transaction and use it to create a hash which will determine the winner with that formula. You can see the code in the dev channel of our discord.



Some additional things that you need to be aware of will follow. Some are minor, and some are major, but they are all in some way connected with your Drugwars experience so read carefully.

  • jobs are a bit harder now since NPC units are currently also fighting in clusters
  • jobs are still being developed to be more fair and rational
  • fight resolution has been improved and instead of up to 60 sec, now takes 2 ms
  • unit features like attack, defense, health, etc. have been divided by 10. This is only visual, nothing more. Where it said 20, it now says 2, etc.
  • simulator has been improved and there are no more issues when you put in a lot of units
  • important information will be above your image in the game
  • some units have changed their appearance, and yes, Ninja is still a female
  • DWD market information has been added to the game
  • you can now move your base to a different location, the feature is located in the overview
  • gang chat has been added. If you are in a gang, you will see your gang chat and only members of your gang will be able to participate in it
  • and last but not least, we have survived the forking times



Great progress! I hope by moving units manually in battle you mean like we would in RTS games! I miss me some Starcraft. 😅

I hope rather for HOMM3 sorta way...

Try combining Starcraft with chess and with Drugwars :D


“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

Here is 1 DWD token for you.”


Gang Gang

Executioners [X]

is now taking applications and recruiting!

Executioners [X]
BossCurrently, I am the boss and only member, but the HQ is level 8 already and the buildings are in the range of 4-7, nothing less than 4. I created the gang less than a week ago. That should tell you how much progress I've made with it. ;)
ResourcesI will be pumping resources into the gang by the shit ton as I acquire them as well, so the expansion will continue at an accelerated rate.
RSS Req.You will be required to at least put forth a small amount of resources each week, as it is only fair you contribute too. ;P (20,000 or so. Nothing crazy.)
FightingYou must also not be a pussy. We are going to be at war with many gangs most likely as times goes on. This is most simply for the fact that I attack without prejudice in the game. I test the waters with attacks, not spying like a little bitch. I am willing to lose all my troops to execute my target, if need be. I will buy a whole new army afterwards. :) I do not fear any player and neither should you. If you know how to play the game properly and how to strategize/utilize all of your resources, it should be pointless for them to even try anyhow. ;)
RecruitmentAnyone is welcome. I want to see the small players grow just as much as the older ones! You will probably honestly grow faster being with the gang anyhow. Your production will be boosted and I will provide you with support when it comes to resources and such.

Good luck with your gang! If you're interested, we can make a post about it and present it to other players. Contact me on discord ;)

Since I am looking to "test the waters" with the gang feature I would be willing to TRY your gang, since you seem to be open to new recruits, and I have send a handful of applications to some of the other gangs WITHOUT response. So if you are willing to let me "try" your gang, without any hard feelings if I decide to exit (diplomatically) if EITHER it is not the right gang for me, OR if I simply don't have the time/energy to "keep pace" then that would work for me. Last month I made the excellent decision to join a SteemMonsters guild, and am already a "senior member". So I THINK the experience with the "guild" has given me some preparatory experience for the "gangs" - which has been a concept I have not been able to get my head around yet.

I will try to find your gang on the "gangs" page, and send a request to join. Feel free to also reply here.


So many great things are getting implemented in this game I love it. Bumps here and there but the progress is definitely visible. Keep it up :D

Agree with @z3ll on that one. There have been some bugs and bumps along the way, sure, but the developers here care and that is the biggest piece of the puzzle. In a world where so many projects/games/ideas get put out and never tended to or cared for, to see the personal touch that is added by the developers here... is incredible! Not only do they listen to you and hear you out, they listen to your ideas on how to make things better and how you perceive that they could improve things. When you have issues, they quickly respond no matter the time. That fact alone holds a lot of weight with me. It was 2am for Hightouch and he still was up and willing to answer questions I had as well as help me with technical issues and explain to me what the cause most likely was. At 2am.

The game alone is great, but to see that level of care and compassion put into something... well... that's definitely why I'm sticking around! :)

I have no doubt there is a bright future for Drug Wars and I intend to be a part of shaping it. To anyone who hasn't joined yet, you definitely should! You might also have a voice that institutes change for the better in the game, who knows!

Thank you for those kind words and encouragement. It is very nice and rewarding tha tour efforst have been noticed. ;)


“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.

Here is 1 DWD token for you.”


Thank you. We are doing our best and are happy that the games is becoming so great. Thank you for your support!


“You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax.

Here is 1 DWD token for you.



I have been playing since the beginning, and the game has developed so much it us truly awesome how the devs work around the clock at times and try their best to keep everyone happy!!

Keep up the great work! Players let's try our best to make Drugwars the #1 grossing game of 2019!!

Thank you to @Zen-Art for clearly explaining everything in a fun, easy to understand way!

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Thank you for enjoying the game and for showing your appreciation and support. We really appreciate it and are glad that our efforts have been noticed :)


“There’s something in you that the world needs.

Here is 1 DWD token for you.”


Please explain one thing to me. Some people get upvots from @fundition the others from @drugwars. I get upvotes only from @drugwars but they are lover than upvotes from @fundition. How can i get upvote from @fuditon?

The upvote is not mandatory. Some times you will get it and sometimes not. The Pantheon building plays a role in how big upvote you will get, if you get it. Since fundition and drugwars have different voting powers, they are combined, and sometimes one is needed while other times, the other. Upgrade your Pantheon building for bigger upvotes but keep in mind that you will not always get upvoted for sharing your battles. Creating a high value content about Drugwars, that is a different story. If you make a post that is beneficial to the game or other players, we will surely come to check it out.

Thank You for answer but You did not answer on my question. How to get a upvote from @fundition? For example last vote from @fudition spy report worth 0,4$ Votes from @drugwars about 0,06$ I know that all depends Pantheon Level but votes from fundition are bigger many times than votes from @drugwars

I did answer your question. When someone needs to have a bigger upvote than Drugwars can handle, Fundition will do it. And as I said, they are not mandatory, we do not have to do it. It is not a rule that everyone will get an upvote. This is something to encourage you, nothing else.

Some people gets upvotes only from @fudition. Never from @drugwars. I get upvotes only from @drugwars never from @fudition. I was wondering why. if I understand your answer correctly. If I have such a high pantheon level that the @drugwars account will not have the power to give me upvote then I will get it from @fundition. Of course if I get lucky and get a voice at all. Thank You very much for Your time

Yes, now you understand. Also, keep in mind that the voting power of those accounts also influences everything.

This is a great implementation "Cluster|".

Excellent guys! Love @drugwars

I really hope the upcoming battle system solves a lot of issues, because in the interim it has effectively reset the system to what it was before the last highly requested update which allowed damage to be calculated unit by unit. We’re back to this sort of scenario...


Where you can add small “blockers” and game the system to create laughably unrealistic and frustrating outcomes for defenders.

Oh wow, that's pretty fucked. If I lost like that I'd be aggravated as hell. :/

We are constantly improving the battle system. The next one will solve a lot of things and be much more interesting and challenging as well.


“I’m sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you stupid. I really thought you already knew.

Here is 1 DWD for you.”


I have idea. Troops will be faster if the have ocupation troop in squad.

Excellent news ! Fights seem harder as I got more losses than expected in my latest fight. I’ll have to figure it out 😉.
Cool upgrade ! Nice job team

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