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Welcome to another edition of our "Gang stories" where we present to you one of the Drugwars gangs by talking with their bosses. This time the job gave us nightmares, why? Well, let's start and you will see for yourself, meet Down with the clowns!


The Clown Father was very kind to answer our questions and to spare some time to tell us what we wanted to know. For an absolutely horrifying dude, he turned out pretty nice (as nice as your average nightmare can be anyway). If there is more you would like to learn about his gang, feel free to contact him on discord. If you are the boss of a certain gang, expect to hear from us in the upcoming weeks because we will be doing this on a regular basis until we cover all gangs. You are not obligated to participate and if you prefer to stay mysterious and refuse to talk to us, that is fine too. Without further ado, we present to you DWC!



This gang is actually 3 gangs: Down With Clowns Original (100), Down With Clowns Dons (41), and Greedy Jokers (15). There are currently 156 clowns in Drugwars and they have 18 capos in total. Before we continue, a small digression...

Zen-art: "And just to clarify, you are the clowns or you hate clowns?"
The Clown Father: "It's more of we love clowns and being a clown meaning we are down with them, it's an American slang mostly "

I am not sure if I got relieved or scared even more...

They have a three-tier approach to recruitment and strategy toward bringing new clowns in and making them elite clowns. First, you will be groomed in Greedy Jokers gang. Once you get up to speed and have the proper resources, you will be moved into the Down With Clowns which is the original gang to be amongst the rest of the clown population. They are currently full and will be opening another gang just to house more clowns. Demands to be a clown are off the charts. Once a clown reaches a certain resource level he or she is moved into the Down With Clowns Dons. This group is a much larger group in resources.

If you aren't clown'n around you aren't a clown..

Most would agree on how clowns with rules wouldn't make much sense. Drugwars clowns really do run amok a free-style warfare style of play. They aren't really big fans of rules, they have only one. They go by "an attack on one clown is an attack on all so expect a response as such." They are organized in the sense they know who is doing what and where, but it ends there. They have unassigned roles to clowns who they can seek advice from regarding certain matters. For example, they would talk to their Down With Clowns Elite group on the current size of an army if one of the clowns has a run in.



This gang has some alliances in place because there are a few gangs which love clowns; La Familia which they call family, Crimianales, Illumninati, Brobo55, and Drugwars Govt. They are at war with SteempowerGroup1 after a nasty beef with their boss going after a few of their clowns. Not a smart move. They will be Clown and Pounded. There are no requirements to join the clowns and they don't require a fee. As long as you are active, you can always be a clown. Most of their activity takes place on their discord and you don't have to be in the gang to talk to them so visit their discord and maybe become a clown today! Just click here: DWC Discord.

"As for my role as the Clown Father, I play a supportive role of always giving up my resources to the clowns. I think we are the best gang in terms of having fun and being serious when needed. We know when to clown and when to take care of business. Most of these gangs are all about swinging their dingalings and ruining everyone's lives. We want to promote fun and get stuff done. With the future introduction of "Jobs" we believe this will benefit our gang and set us aside from the rest of them as we are a cohesive group to win all the Jobs.
-The Clown Father (boss of Down with the Clowns)



If you are interested in joining a gang (or you want to leave the gang you are currently a member and try a different one), a good thing to do is to learn about other gangs and see how they operate. You can do that in discord because they have their own channels. You can also talk to gang bosses and read descriptions about gangs. To find those descriptions simply click on the gangs tab in the game and scroll through all of them to find the best one for you. To apply for membership, click on the gang name and you will be able to send them a message with your application. On that page, you will also see players who are already members. Good luck with finding your best gang and see you soon in another post about gang stories! Try not to have nightmares about scary clowns...

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Thank you @drugwars and @zen-art for the great interview! The Clown Father appreciates it and appreciates his fellow clown members. Looking forward to clown'n around this year with you all. As we like to say, if you aren't clown'n and pound'n you are doing it wrong!...

Hello boss!
I'm on DWC, how can I elevated to DWCDon?

yep, i oftentimes check the messages on drugwars on general category

It is an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE to be serving under your command, O' our Father, Allfather of Clowns!
Devil's night: FIRE IT UP!!! FIRE IT UP!!! FIRE IT UP!!!
(R.I.P. Brandon Lee, as we Celebrate 25 years of the movie "The Crow")

Doot doot.

DWC here to stay!🤡🤡🤡

You know it! 🤡🤡

good job Father!!


Wow, pretty cool. Learned some sh*t about my own click that I didn't even know. Then again, I kinda am the silent shy quiet type so I do tend to joke around by lonesome, plus I still bang away on Drugwars.
Went away for a day or two a few weeks back and my account/troops got decimated.... which only re-awakened that killa clown in me..... good to know that the Greedy Jokers Gang is part of the DWC or I might have gone wrecking one of them.

heh heh heh

Bye Killdren!

I warned you: Clowns... Or ELSE!!!
Ooops, I think I just pooped a little...

DWC is kl. They rarely prey on lesser empires. Not really a fan of gangs tho, will you ever do interviews with solo players? The game is much harder us.

We typically stay out of peep's business and spend more time just hanging out with each other. Solo interviews would be interesting for sure.

Not if they whine and cry and whine and cry and whiiiiiiine....

Thanks for the idea, we will consider something like that once we cover the gangs.

Noice, looking forward to it!

Cry more, is this the part where WE GIVE A FLYING FUCK?!! Just lay down and FUCKING DIE!!!