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Gangs are here and they are definitely here to stay. You do still have an option to play the game as an individual and with no ties to no one but for some time now, many of you have already experienced all the benefits of having someone to hold your back in battles. As with many other things, Marty and the Boss introduced that we will be doing something with gang bosses and this is that something. Gang bosses will be invited to have a little chat with us and provide info about the gang they wish to share with you. Each gang will get its opportunity to present itself to other players and we are happy to welcome the first gang boss (they say he has like 8 arms or something but that didn't scare us... ok maybe just a little...) and tell you all we have learned about his gang LAPIOVRA.


Tzunami was very kind to answer our questions and to spare some time to tell us what we wanted to know. If there is more you would like to learn about his gang, feel free to contact him on discord. If you are the boss of a certain gang, expect to hear from us in the upcoming weeks because we will be doing this on a regular basis until we cover all gangs. You are not obligated to participate and if you prefer to stay mysterious and refuse to talk to us, that is fine too. Without further ado, we present to you LAPIOVRA!



The name of this gang is La Piovra (which we have learned means Octopus) and it currently has 55 members. Among them, there are 4 capos at the moment. The gang was already functioning around the 2nd week of the game. If you want to join them you will be happy to hear that they are accepting new members but only active players and with a high rate of productivity. All of their buildings are at a high level and they don't want anyone exploiting them for free.

Cooperation and brotherhood...

They have a private channel where they talk about strategies and everything new about the game. Members always cooperate and every time someone gets attacked the rest of the gang will stand by him fighting back until the last unit. There is a defined structure with roles from soldier to the captain, made man, consigliere, underboss and boss. They also have a council where only trusted, high-end individuals are allowed who make all of the important decisions. The organization of everything is at a very high level at this gang. There are no requirements for donations but everyone is donating regularly since everyone understands that only by staying together and collectively contributing they will stay strong.



This gang has some alliances in place with other gangs but they have never fought a war together. Be careful when messing with them because they have hit lists. It doesn't end after someone attacks them. They will attack you over and over again and it will never end. They will farm your resources until the end of times. Scary little bunch but they do take care of their own. Here is a quote from the boss that should give you some idea just how intelligent they are when it comes to gameplay and what vibe they carry.

"I think we are the best gang because everyone respects their role and nobody argues against the decisions of the boss, they execute them. The guys are very friendly and open and always help each other. Everyone was afraid of the ''regulators'' gang, we tried to make an alliance to destroy them but other gang members were too afraid they will retaliate in steem with downvotes so we were left on our own. So, we pulled a great move, we gathered units and attacked and destroyed them when a disappointing episode of GOT was on TV."

~Tszunami (boss of La Piovra)



If you are interested in joining a gang (or you want to leave the gang you are currently a member and try a different one), a good thing to do is to learn about other gangs and see how they operate. You can do that in discord because they have their own channels. You can also talk to gang bosses and read descriptions about gangs. To find those descriptions simply click on the gangs tab and scroll through all of them to find the best one for you. To apply for membership, click on the gang name and you will be able to send them a message with your application. On that page, you will also see players who are already members. Good luck with finding your best gang and see you soon in another post about gang stories!


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🤡The the Down With Clowns well stop clown'n around long enough to be interviewed!🤡

The Clown Father looks forward to it!

The tentaclaws of LAPIOVRA are far reaching....


Wow how much steemit sucks.... some idiots just need to flag your post and it gets multlated!

I can't blame him for downvoting it. They promised a high ROI in the beginning and than screwed everyone that bought in by constantly lowering it.

Feel the bern(@berniesanders)!

I can't blame anyone for downvoting @drugwars they screwed over many people on here. Very shady practices still going on with selling their overpriced fucking worthless tokens for cash.

Thats not why he downvoted this post in particular... ;)

but bro, on Obyte you get $40usd for 4,000 FUTURE... clearly it's worth something

haha, try exchanging those 4000 tokens for steem.

Ya, it’s simple:

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The best gang in the game

I like this post, I hope my gang boss will talk with you soon. There are a lot of players without a gang and a lot of gangs with low members/partecipation.
We are also still waiting for single player missions, let's see..

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A bunch of losers .... @mindtrap

Screenshot 2019-06-26 at 4.45.17 PM.png

Even if the 'gangs' are your main focus now. You should be fair to everyone that only want to play as an individual and give alternatives to defend themselves against gangs that love to attack them instead of hitting adversary gangs.

Provide a shield or a specific facility to be purchased by individual players in order to buy some time to collect the resources needed for an update and a saved point for units if they get attacks from gang members.

This is needed and is the number 1 reason why people will leave the game, and why many have already left.

The game rewards high level players for farming low level players. The game offers no mechanic for new players other than rebuild completely every time someone stronger destroys 100% of your units with less than 1% of their income.

The natural result is far fewer players staying until you have nothing but a small number of higher level people playing a dead game.

@drugwars are these things allowed? He attacks me for no reason and then tells me this !! I would like to ask all the bosses to help me.

you are the 2 strongest gangs, I am sure you will be the right punishment. Thank you very much


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What's the problem? Could you check it please.

Your not alone I also requested a withdrawal this morning and nothing has come through. Looking at there wallet you can see nothing has been sent out in the last 16hours

This gang preys on newbs hard. #facts

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