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The site isn't loading for me right now, but I'm eager to check it out a bit later! I've also been keeping an eye on but haven't perhaps delved into some features it may have already. Is it still under active development and have any big plans? It certainly looks pretty slick and it's been flying under pretty much everyone's radar here on Steem I think.


Don't hesitate to give it a try again later :) I'm sure that you will be interested in.

Ongame is still on run and waiting for the next update to work properly, there are some things going behind the scene and I'm also excited to make an announcement about it.

Alright... I think I'm hooked already. I've totally envisioned a game like this on Steem. I'm waiting on a little transfer of liquid Steem to come in the next few minutes so I can actually invest a bit at the outset and start building my mighty empire! Muahahah!

I'm curious about the "search warrant" feature as it seems like it'll allow voting to help you out in some way, which I think is killer. I'd love to see SP integrated in a way that doesn't totally unbalance the game but harnesses the power of voting like Fundition does.

Couple icons and things I don't understand yet, but I'm sure you'll roll out some documentation and media in the future! Looks great overall!

Link to discord?

Hello @pangoli! Sorry for the late reply here is the discord link
See you on a friend or an ennemy... =)

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