Alcohol is the drug of the obedient (A totally exaggerated hate speech [or not?])

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There are a few drugs which destroy braincells. One of them is methamphetamine, but another one is alcohol. Alcohol also isn't mind expanding- it's actually numbing and dumbing as fuck. It doesn't strenghten the constitution- it weakens the mind and the body at the same time. Did you ever went to a family birthday and got asked: "Why don't you take a shitload of magic mushrooms with us? Come on, it's your uncles birthday."? I don't think so. Because this would be illegal and "not correct". Therefore the social pressure to drink alcohol is huge. There is nearly no party with friends, family or coworkers without it. If you don't drink, the chances are quite high to get judged. Society hates drug addicts, sents them to prison and blames them for everything they do. Alcoholics on the other side are quite accepted. "They are just some lonely old man having a beer too much." Apropos man: Drinking beer can transform them into semi-women. It can let you grow a lovely pair of tits. Alcohols kills more people than heroin or any other drug, it's also often the reason for sexual abuse, violence in general and so on. While psychedelics can cure a depression, alcohol just represses the symptoms, until the depression comes back worse than before. Alcohol is, like amphetamines, cocaine and benzos, a drug of the system. A drug which makes you accept your shitty life, a drug which will not let you question anything, a drug which will keep you believing in nations, taxes, political partys, celebrities and the fucking patriarchy. Keep on obeing and drink your brain away!

Es gibt ein paar Drogen, die Hirnzellen zerstören. Eine von ihnen ist Methamphetamin, aber eine andere ist Alkohol. Alkohol ist auch nicht bewusstseinserweiternd - es ist betäubend und verdummend. Es stärkt nicht die Verfassung - es schwächt den Geist und den Körper gleichzeitig. Warst du jemals bei einem Familiengeburtstag und wurdest gefragt: "Warum nimmst du nicht eine fette Ladung Magic Mushrooms mit uns? Komm schon, es ist der Geburtstag deines Onkels."? Ich denke nicht. Denn das wäre illegal und "nicht korrekt". Daher ist der soziale Druck, Alkohol zu trinken, groß. Es gibt fast keine Party mit Freunden, Familie oder Kollegen ohne diesen Druck. Wenn du nicht trinkst, sind die Chancen ziemlich hoch, dass du verurteilt und kritisierst wirst. Die Gesellschaft hasst Drogensüchtige, setzt sie ins Gefängnis und gibt ihnen die Schuld an allem, was sie tun. Alkoholiker auf der anderen Seite sind durchaus akzeptiert. "Das ist nur ein einsamer alter Mann, der ein Bier zu viel hat." Apropos Männer: Bier trinken kann diese Geschöpfe in Halbfrauen verwandeln. Es kann ihnen ein schönes Paar Titten wachsen lassen. Alkohol tötet mehr Menschen als Heroin oder andere Drogen, es ist auch oft der Grund für sexuellen Missbrauch, Gewalt im Allgemeinen und so weiter. Während Psychedelika eine Depression heilen können, unterdrückt Alkohol die Symptome nur, bis die Depression schlimmer zurückkommt als zuvor. Alkohol ist, wie Amphetamine, Kokain und Benzos, eine Droge des Systems. Eine Droge, die dich dein beschissenes Leben akzeptieren lässt, eine Droge, die dich nichts in Frage stellen lässt, eine Droge, die dich an Nationen, Steuern, politische Parteien, Prominente und das verdammte Patriarchat glauben lässt. Mach weiter und trinke dein Gehirn weg!

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Disclaimer: Even I sometimes drink alcohol, but at least I know, that I am a controlled sheep. Baa.
Disclaimer: Auch ich trinke manchmal Alkohol, aber zumindest weiß ich, dass ich ein kontrolliertes Schaf bin. Mäh.


Every radio, tv show & movie has been propagandizing alcohol since inception. Obviously the government is promoting alcohol use among citizens. They want sickly sheep who believe they are happy & free as long as there is cheap sugar & booze on every corner. Plenty of pills available at the dr to help u with your alcohol & sugar related symptoms. Booze culture is state run institutional propaganda, glad to see more people calling it out 🙏

Yes, change is needed. Nearly the worldwide law about substances is still so much influenced by Nixon.

Wie, entschuldige bitte meine frivole Wortwahl, GEIL ist bitte Dein Beitrag? Du sagst exakt das, was ich denke und schon lange vertrete und was mir auch oft Diskussionen mit allerhand Leute beschert? Warum auch nicht? Wenn es niemand anspricht wird auch niemand zum Nachdenken angeregt. Danke Dir für diesen Beitrag. Schicke ich gleich mal in meinen Familien- u. Freundeskreis um zu stänkern. Resteem ist eh klar. Machs gut.

Haha schön das er dich erfreut! Eine kleine wachrüttelnde Provokation kann manchmal nicht schaden :)

Yey man! To be honest, I follow you but I also see that you extremized a bit the topic to provoke, or am I wrong? I do think alcoholism is a really undervalued problem but I think, as well, that a moderate use of alcohol might be something enjoyable and even helpful in some social contexts. The 'drug' topic - even though I've always thought this is a too little word to describe different substances with different effects and, moreover, different purposes by the users - should be treated differently, true. the fact that alcohol is too much socially and legally accepted/tolerated, is another fact. Imho, we should focus more on informing people about benefits and risks, so to create more responsible users. This could be applied to loads of other matters, of course...

Yes, I wrote it extra provoking. I feel like soft words don't change anything in this topic :p You are right, it has also it's benefits, even healthpromoting when you use alcohol for tinctures. But it's time to give people other options to alcohol and to treat alcohol like a drug, not like: There are drugs and there is alcohol... :p

I agree with that, as well as for cigarettes...

It's really awful seeing the stigma around substances. My most favourite ones, psychedelics, especially. People would rather have you snorting cocaine cut with strychnine and/or PMA than dropping LSD or taking some mushrooms.

"That stuff kills your brain cells, mate" - He said, as he went on drinking pints of vodka as if it was going out of fashion very very soon

That being said, "the poison is in the dosage"as Paracelsus used to say.
Alcohol has some pharmacological use in the low consumption spectrum of administration/low dosage. Same with methamphetamine actually.

Of course, with some substances the moderation part can't even take exist if factors such as social stigma/pressure and current mood (depressed) are at play.

Alcohol is the perfect drug for the perpetuation of a doomed society.

At times i wonder...if alcohol wasn't taxed, given the kind of social damage it would society react? Going back into prohibition? Investing in safe use campaigns/free mental health care?

It's so weird what is going on there. I mean when we look at normal diet there is so much things going on: vegan, paleo, keto, whatever. But for drugs there is still such a standardized opinion. Much much education is needed there. Thanks for your nice comment, I followed you back :)

Yea, Education is K E Y. I am seeing good in that department coming off youtube. But also, there's some bad too. Entertainment disguised as information resulting in lousy and harmful information (e.g. Drugslab channel) .

If you think about it, in the past decade there was an even more biased view for some drugs, mostly hallucinogenic (psychedelics, dissociatives...and well, even deliriants although these last ones is a bit hard to support lol)

If we keep fueling the right engine, i do believe one can truly not only change the view on drug use but actually change the view on views (point of views) hence promote critical thinking. Erowid was such a blessing to kickstart all these movements based on psychonautics and...i guess safe navigation?

Resteemed and followed, by the way!

Sehr guter Artikel. Resteem! Schau doch auch mal bei mir vorbei

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Yeah ...It's really hamper our health...
Totally damage our health. .
Thanks for sharing dear..

Drug is injurious for helth
by this news every body will help
so please carry on such of this news
alwyes following to you

Yes, I agree. This is a beautiful and artistic rant. Thank you for your well thought insights!

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